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5 signs not serious relationship - Psychology -

5 знаков несерьёзных отношений - Психология -

Signs that will help you recognize the sham partnerKsenia Парфенова16 April 2019 09:3379630In a relationship both should be in viagrasite: pixabay.comEntering into a relationship and yielding to the influence of raging hormones, it seems to us that the romantic period will last forever. We tend to see in the beloved, the epitome of Mr. perfect, instead appreciate its words and actions objectively

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How to talk with parents - Psychology -

Как правильно разговаривать с родителями - Психология -

Mom and dad at times until recently did not want to accept the fact that you have become an adult. Starts, recriminations and conflicts, tries to reconcileMaria Блавацкая15 APR 2019 08:2614450learn to be friends with roditelyami: already adult girl, and live your life separately from parents. If that's you, you're probably familiar with the situation, when parents cease to understand you

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Tricks that will not fade passion - Psychology -

Хитрости, которые не дадут угаснуть страсти - Психология -

You have been married and sex life becoming boring. No need to put up with it, tell few secrets of Renaissance sensualityMaria Блавацкая15 APR 2019 14:0447260how to resurrect, strachota: the years, the spouse can lose interest to each other. People begin to move away and soon sex turns into an obligation, and it may happen that you suddenly start to feel ashamed of his partner, which happens quite often

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Spring fever, or as a stay - Psychology -

Весеннее обострение, или как остаться собой - Психология -

Svetlana Lomakina, social technologist, a specialist in the field of reputation technology and personality design, shares three simple techniques that will help tune in a positive waySvetlana Ломакина13 APR 2019 05:5034880Photo: female body — slim structure, which reacts to any changes. Let it be said that women are stronger, able to resist stress, but often the period of transition in the long-awaited spring season is accompanied by emotional instability

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Forgive abuse: why the victim is difficult to let go of a toxic partner - Psychology -

Прощу абьюз: почему жертве сложно отпустить токсичного партнера - Психология -

Toxic relationships are becoming more common. what symptoms to enable you time to seek helpMaria Блавацкая12 April 2019 12:03101190torn by a dangerous svyazyvat:"Toxic relationships" poison the lives of a growing number of people. Psychologists simply do not have time to receive inquiries from victims of domestic violence, both physical and psychological, but many are not in a hurry to change something in your life

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False expectations of marriage: down to earth - Psychology -

Ложные ожидания от брака: спускаемся с небес на землю - Психология -

A woman always sees the man, the individual person, hence the many problems in the relationship that lead to divorce. tell us how to avoid conflictMaria Блавацкая2 APR 2019 17:581418310reality is harsher, originalfoto:, people enter into a marriage, each for their own reasons, but in most cases, the main reasons be love and mutual respect

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Male frigidity: how occurs and how to fight - Psychology -

Мужская фригидность: откуда возникает и как бороться - Психология -

Stronger sex may not be so confident. If your partner has faced this problem, in a hurry to give adviceMaria Блавацкая9 APR 2019 14:2043020where does this nepriyatnostei: you thought that frigidity is exclusively a female characteristic. As it turned out, it is not so. Men suffer from this disorder as frequently, maybe more so. Speaking scientific language, male frigidity is called lipidemia

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The advantages of proximity on the first date - Psychology -

Плюсы близости на первом свидании - Психология -

Sex a few hours exploring causes hot disputes both among men and women environment. understands what positive and negative aspects of close acquaintanceMaria Блавацкая1 APR 2019 17:4278651whether to decide on close contact in the first hours of znakomstvami: the one hand, sex on the first date is still considered to be something almost illegal, although the foundations have changed, and society has become easier to relate to proximity at the first meeting

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Choose the husband for clothing - Psychology -

Выбираем мужа по одежде - Психология -

The well known phrase that the person meet on clothes, not devoid of meaning, and when it comes to searching for men dreams. It looks like your choice, well characterizes him as a personJuliana Калашникова9 April 2019 11:1181072Talking about their manner of dress of your choice?Photo: expert Profiler, trainer of specialized programs and psychologist Alexander Kopytko know how to choose the right man according to his suit

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