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Top 5 reasons because of which men cheat

Топ-5 причин, из-за которых мужчины изменяют

Expert divided male perspective on infidelity and how to avoid itExpert — parapsychologist, psychologist, rehabilitation specialist, a certified member of the "Professional medical Association of specialists of traditional and folk medicine," Sergei lang talks about infidelity from a male point of view.Most women live with the conviction that all men cheat on their wives. It seems that, no matter how you try to my husband, he'll find another woman on the side

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Loves me — loves me not: a test of the strength of the relationship

Expert, master of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui Jeanne Wei offers a simple way to check whether your prospective novelLove and relationships play a very important role in our lives. We quickly lose interest in the story in which no love. That's why in any movie, play, book — for ten minutes or so later — be sure there is the intrigue with a man and a woman at the helm.Using simple questions, given below, check that you have managed to grow at love field

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The reasons for the gaps and civilized ways to do it

So the parting was as painless as possible for both parties, you need to follow some guidelinesIn fact, the number of separations can be drastically reduced if to enter into a relationship deliberately, at the behest of momentary impulses. Discuss with the potential partner plans on marriage, birth of children, share your vision with the concept of fidelity, make sure your partner is able to conduct a reasoned argument without sinking to insults

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5 rules of a happy relationship describes how to create and keep loveThe second half"If I found a second — such as I am, I'd have made it myself at home." In the partner we want to see your reflection even if you're not aware of it. We find people with close family interests and worldview. This means that if you are not satisfied with something in the loved one, it would be nice to draw attention to himself. Change for the better, then around you are decent people

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What if the dreaming about ex

Expert Maria Dyachkova — about a relationship that ended, and the consequences wereLately I often receive letters from readers to clarify the interpretation of dreams about former lovers or husbands. The relationship ended, sometimes years ago, but the consequences remained.Our dreams are trying to deal with these consequences, although often in the headlines letters to women asking me if I dream about former lover, maybe it means I still love him?No, not necessarily

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Mendelssohn's March in sneakers is cancelled: the Registrar has banned musicians and introduced a dress code

Марш Мендельсона в кедах отменяется: в загсах запретили музыкантов и ввели дресс-код

Expert Olga Marandi tells what to do and what is the alternativeThe city authorities have banned any commercial activity in the registry office. After that, perhaps a destination wedding ceremony will become even more popular with honeymooners. This can be done formally — with the removal of the registration books from the Registrar's office and staged. The difference between them is very significant

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Men's fears on the first date

In the same way as we, the representatives of the stronger sex excited during a romantic encounterProminent in the list of fears, oddly enough, is concern about their appearance. Men understand that clothes make the man, and therefore regularly check, whether nice is the shirt collar, smoothing non-existent creases on shelves and fix my hair.Many problems knight delivers and doubt if they are worthy of such a beautiful lady

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Lethargy after eating — a sure path to divorce

Expert shares his diet that will help to build any relationshipNot only health, but also professional success, the family business is directly dependent on what you eat, the expert believes master of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui Jeanne Wei. And in anticipation of the upcoming summer offers its own diet, which will help to build any relationship

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Mistakes in application form will reduce the chances of successful acquaintance in a network

Online Dating has long since lost its novelty, but many still treat them with cautionHowever, there are many known stories, when a serious relationship begins with correspondence in the Virtual network.Not the siteIntending to make acquaintance for the serious relations, it is not necessary to register on the resource, designed for flirting. On this site, most likely, will not be released to meet the man who shares the desire to create a family

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The reasons why we don't want sex

Women don't always feel passionate towards their partners, and there is a good reasonIf having sex with her husband does not cause you enthusiasm only occasionally, probably, it in fatigue. But when you go to bed together I do not want regularly, the reasons are quite serious.When a man and a woman live together for a long time, they cease to be for each other unavailable. The desire to taste the unknown and alluring disappears

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