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The full Monty: what is it

Мужской стриптиз: что это такое will acquaint you with the real life living the erotic fantasy of many womenToday, second wind awarded different clubs, where are mostly girls, but we decided to narrow the topic and talk about male stripper.As men come into this professionIt's clear that in any University of the world does not give a diploma on this area, however, preparing for this activity clearly exists

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Top 5 candid series that you must watch

Топ-5 откровенных сериалов, которые вы обязаны посмотреть made a selection for all who are tired of banal story and want to cheer up. Caution! The plot is very boldToday so many serials that make choices, at times, can be difficult. To facilitate this task, think about what genre you like best, and then you can start looking for.We have made a selection of TV shows on a very open topic, but nevertheless very interesting. Even if you're not a big fan of serial movies, at least one of the representatives of our Top is sure to captivate you

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Sex-2019 trends: what awaits us in the intimate sphere in the year of the Pig

Секс-тренды 2019: что нас ждет в интимной сфере в год Свиньи

If your sex life has ceased to bring you satisfaction, perhaps you are just not "in the know". tell what innovations are waiting for you to partner with this yearYes, trends exist not only in fashion and beauty, but also in such areas as sex life. Today it's not enough to dim the lights or buy a fragrant night light with pleasant illumination. Sex life as normal, developing as dynamically, and for its diversity, you must be aware of the latest novelties

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How to inspire a man and to be yourself

Как вдохновлять мужчину и оставаться собой

To us women, it's nice to see the good actions of men and to receive gifts. But should inspire a man? How to do it? Says clinical psychologist, a master of working with the subconscious mind Jan KlimchenkoWhy do conflicts arise in the familyAny misunderstanding in the family is a reflection of an internal conflict with himself. First and foremost, it is important to pay attention to your soul

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A man will never refuse

Такому мужчине никогда не откажут

Some men are simply magnets for women. will tell you what a gentleman girls don't missToday we talk about men, who knows the failures. At first glance, it is ordinary men, but them women go though on edge of light. The fact is that these men justify the image of the ideal man in the eyes of women. We offer you to familiarize with the main types of men in "spider's web" which can come across you.Sometimes, the man is difficult, accusative: pixabay

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Size matters: how penis affect the pleasure

Размер имеет значение: как половой орган влияет на удовольствие

A sex therapist explains what problems each may face and how to solve themIt is considered that the size of the penis affect the pleasure of partner sex. Polish sexologist Andrzej Gryshevsky in the book "IT. An intimate conversation about the body" notes that three quarters of men believed the size of their penis is unsatisfactory. "Twenty inches is the absolute minimum, which would have most men," writes the expert. We will understand what is true and what is false

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Is it worth it to take the initiative to the woman

Стоит ли проявлять инициативу женщине

The girl is not always easy to make the first move, especially when a man is really like. will help to overcome uncertainty and suggest how to get his attentionThe modern woman is independence and determination, so she often asks the question — is it possible to make the first move? I would think a man? Suddenly deemed frivolous.According to sexologists, in some cases, the initiative of the women even necessary

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Attitude to sex at different ages

Отношение к сексу в разном возрасте

Sex accompanies us throughout life, the only difference in the feelings of the process. tell what might happen with our sex life through the yearsAt different ages our attitude to sex is different. The thing in the natural processes of our body, which is inexorably aging. However, in our power to maintain the activity and vitality, the key is to listen to your body and react to its signals.Attraction depends not only on our physiology, but also on hereditary and hormonal factors

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Where is the G spot for men

Где находится точка G у мужчин

Share the secrets of meeting a partner and practices that will help to stimulate the G-spotMost of you know, where the area of pleasures from women and how her act. However, once it comes to male physiology, women, and men are lost... to Find the G-spot in men is easier than you think.Point G — where isIt seems that finding her is almost impossible, but it isn't. In reading the book "IT

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Unequal marriage: the pros and cons of misalliance

Неравный брак: плюсы и минусы мезальянса

More and more young people join in Union with age-related partners. Where there is a desire to build a family with an older guy and what are the prospects of such pairs, sorted WomanHit.ruJust remember the picture Pukirev, where the unfortunate girl is crowned middle-aged man. Yes, the way of life of the nineteenth century was radically different from contemporary realities, the opinion of a young girl no one was interested, as a rule, its fate was decided already at an early age

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