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Than the male brain different from female figuring out facts about the brain were true and which ─ only stereotypes

Scientists have repeatedly proven that men and women perceive reality and make decisions in completely different ways. It is considered that the man drives the car better, but women are more sensitive and inclined to depression. Whether so it actually?

Let's start with an interesting fact: it turns out that perceive the color palette of the brain in different ways: men are more difficult see the difference in shades of green and blue, and the orange color seems to them the most red than the fairer sex.

Did you ever wonder why women can drive, talk on the phone and painting her lips at the same time? And all because of a woman's brain is adapted to multitasking and quickly responds to the change goals. The brain of a man of this ability can not boast: to switch the attention of the male expends more energy.

What the experts say about this? Tatiana Chernigovskaya, a scientist in the field of neuroscience and psycholinguistics, argues: "women of the connections between the hemispheres more, therefore, the social life of the brain is more developed". This means that the female brain is ready to conduct interviews with a large number of interlocutors, therefore, women are the best negotiators! It's hard to argue.

Who is easier to cheat — men or women? Women cheat much more complicated, and it's not women's intuition, and the structure of its brain: it picks up non-verbal signs of communication: voice changes, gestures, tone, facial expressions, and men concentrate on the content.

Professor denies such a popular myth that women have more developed right hemisphere, are more emotional and romantic, and a man's brain is analytical, and they make the best engineers and mathematicians. In the choice of profession should not rely on this stereotype.

So after all is it true that men are from Mars and women from Venus? It all depends on the individual characteristics of the human brain: there are women with a strong character, which will give odds to any man, and, conversely, men with a weak, hysterical characteristics in the behavior of brain activity. "Individual differences will kill group" − to such conclusion comes neurolinguist.

"Not only the brain creates us as individuals, but also affects your brain," in conclusion, says Tatiana Chernigovskaya. The depth of our brain depends on us and what we fill. We need to back up your brain with new knowledge, to read clever books and to grow spiritually, regardless of gender.

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