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5 of the rules of behavior in social networks

Modern technology requires new etiquette

Today we often communicates with colleagues and friends in social networks than in person. In our rapid age, a simple gatherings over tea in the kitchen and the venting there is no time. We practically live in the Network, and therefore, it is necessary to observe certain rules of decorum, to avoid being branded as ignorant or a Troll.

5 правил поведения в соцсетях

Open correspondence could read someone угодно

Rule # 1

Do not discuss personal matters, which concern only the two of you on the wall of his friend. For example, do not write Mache question, when you finally can go to the beautician. Perhaps the question of hair removal bikini area care, and other friends of Masha, but it would embarrass her dad or boss, which can be subscribed to her news. For this fact there are private messages. If you want multiple girls to discuss this issue, create a closed group.

5 правил поведения в соцсетях

Caps Lock under замок

Rule # 2

Forget about the Caps Lock key. Writing in capital letters, they're capital letters is rude. The Network is tantamount to shouting at him. Such a treatment, you show your lack.

5 правил поведения в соцсетях

Do not strain коллег

Rule # 3

Of course, summer is vacation time, and we all want to show off photos of the places which we visited. But it is not necessary to write that you are on the beach temperature +37, while "some are freezing in the office." It might upset your colleagues. Better share under the my impressions. Can you say a few words to write about the history of the place or cause unusual facts.

5 правил поведения в соцсетях

Do you think that your friends are not in ресторанах?

Rule # 4

All of the above in the third paragraph refers to pictures of food — don't tease friends. In addition, such images have long been bad manners in the Network. An exception if the dish prepared by you personally. Enjoys a birthday cake or a rare recipe that you just tried out, is quite acceptable.

5 правил поведения в соцсетях

Do not clutter up your post хэштегами

Rule # 5

Admit that you really want to share an important event or thoughts. But remember that brevity is the soul of wit, and "many letters" usually, if you are a famous writer or a famous blogger, read user laziness. Respect your subscribers. The same applies to photos. What is the meaning to throw out for friends 25 blurry shots from the celebration of another birthday? Lay out three to five photos is really successful. And don't click on them friends, if they turned out bad — offended. A large number of hashtags is also not welcome, but two or three is desirable.

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