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For some women's secrets better to remain silent

People often call honesty one of the most important qualities in a partner, but some things are beloved to say no

Indeed, the frankness in everything that relates to your husband or boyfriend a relationship — that's fine. Timely informing about their feelings and thoughts, you can avoid many misunderstandings between us.

But the excessive sincerity sometimes also becomes the reason for quarrels. For example, if a woman often mentions past relationships, the man can justly flare up. Agree, because we would not like to hear about the past adventures of the beloved.

About the current award is also better to keep silent. Can't take my eyes off the beautiful and strong hands colleagues from another Department? Fine, but to the husband it is better not to speak. Knowing that you're examining other people's men, it can turn into a jealous and a tyrant.

If your betrothed himself accidentally spill the beans about that downstairs neighbor gorgeous long legs, try to keep calm and not throw a tantrum. If you respond to the following phrase too active male may think that you need him more than he is in you, and start acting as the master of the situation.

Finally, do not read out the results of their tests. Suffice it to say, "honey, I'm not feeling well", accurate diagnoses and indicators to name is optional. Men to admit not very much.

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