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Increase chances of orgasm

Sex with your lover are pleasant, but the orgasm as the culmination makes it simply unforgettable

Women's Internet forums are filled with reports of lack of orgasm with intercourse. Someone can't remember the last time I tested it, and someone though, and reaches peak of pleasure, but not every time. According to statistics, problems with achieving orgasm experiencing about half of the women aged 18 to 35 years.

Sometimes the lack of orgasm is a consequence of health problems. But most often it's in the technique of sexual foreplay and the relationship between the partners.

So, some men disregard the caresses of the clitoris of his beloved. It dramatically lowers a woman's chances of orgasm. Without affecting the clitoris, studies show that orgasms are only 5% of ladies.

If your husband or boyfriend pays your clitoris enough attention, ask him to caress you orally or with your fingers. Don't hesitate to voice this request — many men do not do anything like that, just fearing a negative reaction of the partner, and not because of their own rejection.

If some action in bed unpleasant to you, inform. That brings me a lot of positive emotions, also it is necessary to tell. Don't be afraid to experiment. Trying something new, you can find the link that will help you experience orgasm.

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