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5 steps on the path to happiness

Expert — practicing psychologist of international level, author and Creator of the marathon and several courses Elena druma — how to be happy in family, without losing your own 'I"

You have long dreamed about it, and there he was your Prince and future husband. He's your hero, and you want to show that he made the right choice. And here lie in wait for favorite female rake — husband to build the pedestal and make the center of the universe. And when the baby comes, everything will only get worse. Of course, the first year of motherhood — the race is not for the faint of heart. For colic, teeth, anxiety... Constantly no power, stress on stress, lack of sex, quarrels and conflicts, accusations and insults... But if this is the root cause of your condition "don't come, I'll kill you"?

Yes, fatigue makes itself felt, but most of all, the woman suffers from dissatisfaction with their needs in communication and implementation. She notices that her husband is paying less attention and not understand what is happening, continuing to scrub and clean floors. Help? No. And that will help, read below.

The first step to a happy life

Prioritize. I love the phrase that the family — the center of the universe, but not its borders. You can get bogged down in cleaning and Ironing once a month to go for a manicure and constantly moving the waxing, but to what avail? What would you gain? The husband will be looking for a Secretary with fit body and mess at home? Or business partner that does not know what it looks like iron? No one says you have to throw all and to go to the gym. Just take a sheet of paper and write what you want. Clean house, delicious dinner, beautiful body, well-mannered child, personal growth? Prioritize your desires and balance. You're in the gym not shake one hand, right? So don't do this with your life — suck all its spheres.

5 шагов на пути к счастью

The family - the center of the universe, but not its borders. Do not forget about rest and razvitiiu:

Steps 2 and 3

If you are a mom and wife, then that's fine. But you have a right to their own interests. Go with friends to cinema, to exhibitions, Spa. Start a beautiful tradition — the day of self-love. Every two weeks, leave the baby to dad, grandma or the nanny and spend time only on myself. It can be a walk in the Park, lunch at your favorite restaurant, meeting with friends, going shopping or watching the show in silence and solitude. Do what you love, what you want and need. Listen to yourself, and protect their right to rest and total relaxation. Children do not need a perfect mom, they need a happy. And a happy mom is a rested mom. And the husband will be only too glad if you from the image of the furies will return to a balanced image of the beloved woman.

Step 4

Agree, husband not interested in hearing gossip from the Playground about diapers. Yes, it is no secret that in the decree a woman narrows the range of interests, but reason whether it is to degrade? You can always find work for everyone to do it at home. You've always liked to create interiors? Start to develop in this area, and it is likely that the decree will end, you will return to the reports and will do what he likes. Internal satisfaction ensured, and the interest of the husband only gets stronger. It's one thing to love the mother of his child when she is constantly talking about the diapers, and quite another to admire the woman and her development. And you girls will begin to feel differently.

5 шагов на пути к счастью

Talking with your child about success and pravilnoi lifestyle confirm their own primerimpacto:

Step 5

If you want your children in the future was successful, implemented, and happy, then show them by example. If you work for a penny, and after work lying on the couch, your conversations that a child needs to succeed and live a healthy lifestyle, will be the usual hot air. Become those upon whom the child will be.

Just 5 steps, but they will give the result almost immediately. Try it and see for yourself.

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