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Not your man: 8 reasons to pass

Sometimes, even if you already know man, it is difficult to understand whether your partner to a serious relationship or not, or whether he was a bona fide husband or be a home tyrant. The collection hallmarks the hopeless men, which will help you not to miscalculate from Ekaterina Fadeeva, psychologist and Evangelist of the entertainment social network "Fotostrana"

He tells you about it

Sometimes men bluntly immediately recognized that it is not ready for a serious relationship, and girls in turn ignore those words. As a result, all end up with scandal and insult the partner.

It is not necessary to spend too much effort to gain the location: most likely, you will not achieve anything. No illusions, just listen to the words of your new friend and be grateful to him for his honesty.

Complaints, and even in the former

First, to complain about their past relationships — it is a little girly, kind of talk should become the first "bell". Second, there is a possibility that he's just not ready to take responsibility, and to build a relationship with an irresponsible person is a hopeless case.

Не ваш мужчина: 8 причин пройти мимо

Decisive does not mean, otvetstvennye:

Hints sex

Do not be surprised if on your first date, your new friend will begin to persuade you to intimacy: people who are not ready for a serious relationship, very simply relate to the number of sexual partners. Most importantly, do not assume that after that person will confess you eternal love — in most cases, everything is exactly the opposite.

Can't forget the past relationship

Do not think that after seeing you your partner easily forget your previous love. Men need time to emotionally move away from a failed relationship.

And suddenly he even married?

As a rule, married men prepared the story they tell gullible girls, thus trying to convince them of the seriousness of his intentions: "I hurried with the wedding", "We live like neighbors, Not leaving because of the children" etc. the noodles he will hang you on the ears for years, and you will remain in the role of mistress.

Не ваш мужчина: 8 причин пройти мимо

If a man makes an offer - not oblmaslihata:

Decisive does not mean responsible

Didn't get to meet, and your new partner is already recognized in love and makes an offer? Well, this man clearly can be called romantic, but not responsible: the person who realizes what a family is and how difficult it is to build relationships, not lightly to ask the hand and heart in an almost unknown girl. It will certainly make many promises and take many commitments, trying to produce the impression of a reliable man but at the slightest complexities it with the same ease will abandon their intentions, because such people are often not ready to cope with difficulties. Be not deceived: the only reliable men are not in a hurry with promises and think in advance whether they will be able to keep his word.

Everything blame

If your partner is constantly complaining about something, whether it be parents, friends, the government, bosses and so on, thereby exposing himself a victim of circumstances, you got a loser in life. He'll remain so, no matter how much you don't nursed, and it is his position in life. And it is to his advantage, as it frees him from having to take any action and allows a lot myself. Do not expect that once you his moral support, he will rise up in spirit — he will always find something to complain about, to be sure!

In addition, one should not expect from such a person of mutual support and understanding: its sensitivity applies only to him.

Не ваш мужчина: 8 причин пройти мимо

Why "a woman needs"?Photo:

"A woman needs"

Your partner says: "I need so-and-so and so-and-so, and you'd be perfect"? Obviously, this man is not capable of an equal relationship: he needs a servant, which he can command, and he is completely indifferent to your feelings and interests.

Sometimes such a tyrant is extremely difficult to recognize: in the beginning he with demonstrative respect your choice, while avoiding expression of their preferences. You, the behavior should be alerted: if the man really respects his potential partner, he will not only ask about his desires, but also voiced their to come to a mutual agreement.

If he says, "As you say," then, most likely, he does not believe in the possibility of a compromise. Sooner or later the poles will change: it will try to "win" at your expense.

the expert's opinion, the relationship between men and women


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