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Rules sex security

Penis — is at least as sensitive and vulnerable than the female vagina. Therefore, to be treated with caution

If the reproductive organ of men excited, do not try to bend and twist it. This is not only unpleasant but also hazardous.

Don't need the passion too much to squeeze the penis with your hands, bite or slam it with your palms. The result of this can be a loud "ow" and loss of erection.

Caressing your beloved with your hands, do not try to put a speed record. Excessively moving the arm, can cause a man a burn that will require treatment to the doctor.

All frictions (be they in the vagina, mouth, breast or any other place) needs to be provided with the necessary lubrication. There are cases when because of the dryness damaged skin of the head or the frenulum of the penis.

In addition, when worn with a partner on top, it is necessary to control the weight distribution and too much not to put pressure on the member. It may even break down.

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