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Who do not get married, even if you really name is

Expert psychologist-class with 14 years of experience, coach, presenter, sex coach, and a participant of TV programs Ekaterina Fedorova — about what men should avoid

Every girl wants to wear a white dress and say "Yes" to a man who was able to pick up the key to her heart. We close our eyes to the shortcomings of the elect in the hope that all this — stuff, when we love. A few years on the questions psychology can answer: "Young was stupid". But such conclusions we come to you only when the gyroscope is already running: wedding, pregnancy, birth, life, strife, and thoughts of divorce. And once we assured the parents: "it's true love!" Let's find out what kind of men you should avoid in order to treat wounds.

The first category is people with serious mental health problems and people suffering from all kinds of addictions: compulsive gamblers, alcoholics, drug addicts and so on. It is not necessary to amuse itself illusions that you can save the lost soul. Most likely, this will take you to the bottom. Do not take responsibility for the person who may never change. Normal men enough, just costs a little to work on themselves, their thoughts and priorities in life.

За кого не надо выходить замуж, даже если очень зовут

Rage - a reason to think about whether or not to create such a person, samyutta:

The second category — men with a penchant for aggression and violence is essentially the same mentally ill people. When a person, without probable cause, a seizure of rage — this is a Wake-up call. Its just a car sprayed or the waiter brought the wrong pizza and he cries like he bees in his pants started, and three hours after the "accident" continues to be angry and indignant. You can of course come up with a different justification: he has a stressful job, he's tired, etc. But do not hope that in the future you have the patience to listen to endless dissatisfaction. What you see in the initial stage of a relationship, can easily multiply by 20, and you will feel, what the situation will be after 5 years of marriage.

За кого не надо выходить замуж, даже если очень зовут

Do you share the same ideas about family, her boyfriend-Neformal?Photo:

The third category — the bad guys, the outcasts who reject common values, taboos, only live by their own laws and wanted to spit on all. The bad guys, as you know, girls like. It's unusual, romantic, sexy. But are you sure that your ideas about the family coincide with his? Are you sure that when you inform him she's pregnant, he will not go on his "Harley" toward the horizon, leaving you even addresses where to write letters to? He lives by different rules in his world, maybe it's just what real men. So be careful with all kinds of Goths, bikers, punks. At least understand how it's entourage, as well as — a state of mind and lifestyle. The fact that the guy has purple hair and tunnels in the ears — not a problem if in his 30 years he created his own computer company, built a house and parents ready to start a family. It's only a problem if he did not created, lives off their parents and get off of pleasure is not going to.

За кого не надо выходить замуж, даже если очень зовут

Observe how your partner talks about renetto:

The fourth category is married men. Could they start a relationship? Science known cases where a banal adultery grew into a second marriage. Known history when marriage was a happy one. But we must bear in mind that the vast majority of married men Horny mistresses is not to marry them. However, this fact does not prevent them to swear to love and to lose promises. If you for some reason believe these promises, keep in mind that, according to statistics, if a married man for years is not divorcing his wife, he will not divorce her ever, it suits all. Listen as he answers questions about his wife. If it becomes excessively active, with a vehemence she complains, scolds her — so not talking about those who want to leave, and those who love and try to redo it. Emotional issues that the man still cares about former relationships, no matter how heavy they may be. If about the wife he remembers, and responds to questions in monosyllables, waving her hand, — it is the best a symptom, so to him this topic is not interesting. But we should not deceive ourselves: indifference to his wife — not a reason to leave her. If it is every weekend the mother drives to the cottage, walking at the wedding of his wife's brother, goes with his wife and children to rest, and you only draws a multi-colored future — are you sure he is the right person who is able to make you happy?

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