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A long-distance relationship — is it possible?

Love is not always lucky to live in the same city, but this does not mean that their feelings are doomed

In today's world there are many ways to get a guy from another city or even country. We actively communicate in social networks, go to travel, go on business trips and everywhere have the chance to meet someone who will arouse sympathy and even love.

It is believed that such feelings have no prospects, as, due to the territorial remoteness, people can not become family for each other. However, the cases when a long-distance relationship was quite happy, still there.

A successful relationship can happen in two ways. First, the chances are, if one of the lovers do not mind to move out and continue the relationship offline. Secondly, to be a happy couple, living in different cities, can those who want a joint life, family and children and willing to settle for correspondence, phone calls and week-ends together.

So if you feel like the man from the next sunbed on the beach you, do not rush to reject his offer to dine together. It is possible that this dinner will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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