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What is a "normal" guy and how to find it

Know what hides behind the word "normal"? It turns out — no, th-th, or rather, so much of what you have hidden beneath difficult to fit within this word. And what is normal for you, for the other — death, the expert believes master of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui Jeanne Wei

Seriously think about it I was forced once seen the communication of the adult with your child. The boy tried to press the button in the Elevator, she for some reason did not fire, in response, the father with irritation said, "You can't click"? The offspring looked in bewilderment at the Pope, because in this case the word "normal" didn't come with clear instructions. Can strong, or weak, and perhaps with all his strength with his fist. This case is far from the only one.

Mother in conversation with the daughter says: "Why can't you find a normal guy"? In this case, "normal" is someone who will appeal to the mother. And how about the fact that living with him side by side have a daughter?

Let's go further — tender-hearted grandmother with a heavy heart, tells his grandchildren: "Eat right." Salad, first, second and compote with the pancakes — richly fatty, calorie — that her concept of "normal". Now, when many follow the natural products, eat separately, sitting on various diets, forgo meat, salt, sugar, yeast, carefully examining the labels, a conflict of generations on food is not uncommon. The gaze of the older generation is a nightmare, not normal, that is.

Another example. You can spit or to blow his nose on the pavement? No? And someone does not see anything wrong and considered the norm.

Well, for starters — you don't come to mind to eat your colleague just because you have something "annoy". And in the tribe Yali, that the state of Papua New Guinea eat their enemy is still considered a great virtue.

Examples, I think that's enough, let's move to the conclusions. First, know that the word "normal" is hiding about seven billion notions — exactly so much, how many people live on the planet. Everyone has their own truth — crazy for you, and for your neighbor is reasonable and, again, fine.

And second, due to such different, and sometimes diametrically opposed interpretations of the term "normal", be prepared for the fact that most of human conflict will flare up exactly on this basis. You are trying to "squeeze" another person in the scope of its conceptions of life and when it does not work, get annoyed, get angry.

Before once again someone "remake", ask yourself: what right have you to interfere in someone else's life? The law considers the invasion of private property as a crime despite the fact that to violate the boundaries of personal space man can with impunity. By some unwritten law, parents interfere in the lives of children, and they, in turn, in the lives of parents, husbands direct the actions of wives and wives in retaliation do the same.

Want to live happily ever after? Live your life and don't try to impose their own ideas — they are only good for you. But as you know, "what Russian well, the German death". And most importantly, respect the personal space of another person, and don't forget to protect your from invasion by other people. And learn about the trends of the current week will help my weekly astrological forecast.

8 Aug. The ability to compromise — the key to success today. It does not get something — take a step back, understand don't jump to conclusions. Will benefit the patient and not prompt.

9 Aug. Very productive day for business. Communication is dominated by the business mindset, so you can present the facts try to be as specific and accurate. Any initiatives promise to be successful.

August 10. Day protects people active and inquisitive. Want to succeed — be like that today. Good to start the journey and get acquainted.

August 11. Today you can Wake up the spirit of competition. If you compete with someone, challenge yourself.

August 12. Summing up today, you may be surprised to notice that did three times more than planned. Especially good to complete things that you've been putting off.

August 13. Don't be sad if most of the plans today will remain unfulfilled. Don't plan anything important, please refrain from distant trips.

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