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How to understand what your sense is fading

It is sometimes difficult to admit even to herself that the holiday is over. How to understand that the relationship has exhausted itself?

Is a sure indication that feeling to the beloved begins to cool. Going on a date, not so long contemplating what to wear and not so carefully primping. While deciding where to go with him, choose movie — there can be no talking and not even look at each other. If the date is canceled at all, you're not upset, are you even excited to spend the evening alone. Don't get too upset seeing it somewhere for the whole week.

If you're tired of that person, sex becomes boring. Still don't get satisfaction, and most importantly — don't tell him you like and don't. Turn away and sleep. And if you want to get excited, you have to stimulate yourself weak drinks.

Why-that began to irritate him talk about the plans. If you prefer not to think about what will happen in six months, maybe subconsciously you have already planned a gap? In this case, of course, it is better to think about whether it is necessary to be with that person. Try to take a break at least for a month and not meet. If you are not remembered with longing about the old days spent together, that is a reason to talk about the breakup. Because the gap will occur sooner or later. And, not to grow to each other, it is better to make the first move.


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