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Lingerie eyes men

View half-naked body acts on the stronger sex, this is an important point in an intimate relationship

To be able to choose the right underwear means to own one of women's secrets of seduction.

Those ladies who understand this and often change their intimate way, husbands are less likely to change is the data of the American researchers. What particularly excites men?

The survey showed that for most of them particularly attractive lingerie red and black. Red alludes to the passion of the partner, and the black, particularly translucent, the color of mystery. Many of the respondents like white linen. Other colors do not bring in most men the special emotions, and bodily and beige on the female body do not like.

Now about the texture. According to representatives of a strong half of mankind, the fabric needs to be refined, delicate. It can be silk or satin. If the cotton, with lace insets, ruffle. Suitable for linen sheer fabric such as chiffon. Polytrauma gowns in General are pretty bad. In respect to the style tastes divided. Someone like shorts in lace, some thongs or tight panties.


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