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Boring or Zabluda: how to find Prince on a white horse offers a simple quiz to understand which type of men "biting" at you

Well, why is life so unfair? At night you dream of a charming Prince — strong, decisive, uncompromising, and you guys go exclusively spineless bespectacled with perpetual smile on his lips and abstruse uninteresting conversations. But your best friend after every party necessarily acquires such a Prince (strong, determined and all that). But somehow it always complains that these dim-witted males fed up to death with it.

It's very simple — each of us "bite" a certain type of men. Who he is your eternal lover? And is there a way to change this situation? Answers at the end of our test.

1. Here for a week you sit on a strict diet to the next holiday to be in shape. And suddenly a stranger offers a pleasant evening in a luxurious restaurant. How do you react?

a) gladly accept the invitation to the diet you can always go back and the day after;

b) not wanting to lose such a good party, go to a restaurant, but there is only a languid look past the plate and swallow saliva;

in) with mournful kind of misleading new friend that just on this day, you have a very important business meeting.

2. On a first date you're spending several hours in front of a mirror, put on:

a) the most expensive dress from the latest collection — let him see that you are a girl with taste and means;

b) jeans are what is fashionable always, everywhere and in any weather!

C) your "happy" dress that didn't let you down during the exams, no meetings with former classmates.

Зануда или заблуда: как найти принца на белом коне

Too windy or too good?Photo:

3. In a strange city after a untamed shopping, you suddenly discover that your wallet is not left a penny. But you have to get to the hotel. What do you do?

a) try to stop the privateers, who will take you for free, because everyone can get into a similar situation, and therefore, the world not without kind people;

b) get a map to calculate the trajectory: even if the path takes a few hours, it's better than begging;

C) it's very simple: it is always possible to get to the bus "hare".

4. During a bachelorette party at a trendy café the whole company quietly open up. And you?

a) impulse universal "exposing" sweet suddenly begin to lie. Let's not true, but how cute!

b) say some hints — the veil of mystery around your person does not hurt;

C) here's another, what nonsense, I will reveal the soul in front of these career!

5. After meeting with a future mother-in-law suddenly turns out that the lady she did not say to pleasant. And she did not like. Your actions?

a) well, God bless her — she will have to live with you not her and her son! Therefore, during the meetings fundamentally behave proudly and independently;

b) trying to appease the hobgoblin compliments and gifts — everybody knows-in-law have to be friends;

C) try never, under any circumstances, to meet with the mother of the chosen one — see less, sleep better.

Зануда или заблуда: как найти принца на белом коне

If you're looking for a serious relationship, and most have become at least a little, seriesdate:

And now we need to calculate the answers you most often chose. If paragraph "a", then you can be on such a light and cheerful young lady is not willing to meet any nice guy. However, with the same ease he you can shoot. That's probably why you're used to all suitors to enroll in philanderers? In fact, one has only to look — and among these windy with a kind of friends, there are respectable individuals, quite suitable for married life. Just remember: after a period of seduction, you have little to be serious. Or at least pretend.

If you often singled out paragraph "b", do not be surprised if the friendship you seek men serious. Sometimes even too serious. But you yourself are striving for, isn't it? If you're sick of heavy conversations another friend try it once in your life to do something stupid — wear a face mask confident woman is already boring even you.

You basically stayed on the "in"? So here's the deal: you deserve your man a hundred percent. Moreover, many are calling this guy not only as a perfection. Oh, you still single? Do not worry, so the man of your dreams is looking for you on his white horse. In the meantime, maybe we should pay more attention to the real candidates?


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