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Why family strife

What to do if we cannot live in peace with his half

The cause of constant quarrels can be a quite typical: we are too rigidly and clumsily demand something from each other. I wish he was the master of all trades or, for example, liked to mess with kids, and he's not like that. In such cases, "re -" to anything good will not. If you have linked their lives with that person in the hope to "convert", new intentions — take it for what it is, because he has lots of other advantages.

He does everything wrong, and generally behaves as if out of spite. But if to talk about? Maybe he just doesn't understand what you want from him, because you think all that goes without saying. Maybe you silently waiting for something that you do not guess?

It so happens that the cause of constant quarrels is not on the surface, it is necessary to find. The lack of caring, tenderness could turn into a scandal about avigliano shirt or forgotten the date of the first date. Try to understand why you really unpleasant delay, at work, and he is irritated by your frivolous friend. It may become more understanding, and fight less.


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