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Spears, Zellweger, Roberts: what turned out to have a long engagement

Shows the bitter (and sometimes funny) experience celebrities, engagement does not always mean marriage. Which of the stars did not wait for the appearance on the ring finger of the ring?

Stories about runaway brides and changed his mind at the last moment the men just seem funny anecdotes from the life of the celebrity. In fact, for each such situation — drama, a broken psyche, time spent and acquired an inferiority complex. Yes, style icons and sex symbols who sigh and admire fans, do not pass by problems in their personal lives. But particularly annoying is when "happiness was so possible"... Friends, colleagues and fans are already in anticipation of the imminent celebrations, and it breaks down — and publicly, loudly, with the scandal!


It's one thing when the relationship is upset due to objective reasons — my beloved got engaged, but did not survive the "trial period" before marriage, broke up due to irreconcilable differences or are unable to agree on what toppings for the cake to choose and under what tune to introduce the first dance of the young. But there are cases out of the ordinary, shocking even accustomed to the quarrels of the journalists.

Revealing story of this kind — about Hollywood beautiful actress Anne Hathaway and her perfect lover, the Italian millionaire Rafaello mod, Falieri. The young people met by chance, passion flared instantly. Clever Hathaway, no doubt, gave his heart to Raffaello, because the man was not only rich, but also a noble: he was doing charity work by giving funds to Catholic churches and helping other funds. Ann with her usual vehemence helped elect, and the secular audience couldn't stop looking at the sweet couple. The young people were together for three years and announced their engagement. The media have already begun to wonder what designer the actress will be asked to sew a wedding dress, who will order the decorations and venue of the ceremony. But the idyll ended as suddenly as it began, in one unhappy day, Follieri was accused of embezzling fifty million dollars (!), which conman gave to charity his friend, billionaire Ronald Berkl.

Спирс, Зеллвегер, Робертс: чем обернулась для них долгая помолвка

Anne Hathaway broke off the engagement to Italian millionaire Rafaello, Galleryphoto:

Until recently, Hathaway did not believe what had happened, because she was involved — albeit unwittingly — in this ugly situation. The actress supported a loved one, participating in its advertising campaigns and was a co-founder of several of its funds. It is difficult to imagine that she felt the bride's quirky, Falieri, knowing that behind her fiancé repeatedly done similar schemes.

Fortunately, the sensation after a loud breaking off of an engagement gradually subsided, a failed crook in jail, and Ann found happiness in the arms of a jewelry designer Adam Shulman.

Much less weighty reason for the cancellation of the wedding — from selfish and resentful of Ben Affleck. His story is hot latinoamerikanskij singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is known around the world. Their romance lasted only two years, during which the couple had to announce the engagement, to do a video about a large company, to appoint the date of the celebration and to quarrel forever. Still not very clear why Ben decided to play the role of runaway groom and refused to marry Lopez in just a few hours before the wedding ceremony. But evil tongues say that the reason lies on the surface. During Roman "Bennifer" Affleck's career was in suspended animation, while Jen was at the top of the music charts. In the end, the actor could not stand, confessing to the bride that he was sickened by the title of the-boy ("boy-toys". — Approx. ed.) when the pop Queen. It is unclear what prevented the man speak about his doubts before. His impulsive act broke J. Lo's heart: she later claimed that Affleck was the love of her life, and such pain she never experienced. But despite this recognition, public humiliation by the singer never forgave.

Became a victim of his popularity and fame and the young star Miley Cyrus. Her matrimonial plans have sunk into Oblivion due to a too strict upbringing of her failed husband, actor Liam Hemsworth. The relations of the two rising stars, seemed to be durable and stable for three years, and the case went to the wedding — what lovers and alerted the public. That something is amiss in the Danish Kingdom, first thought of the media: after the announcement of the betrothal of the lovers almost ceased to appear together. At first it seemed all the fault of Miley's career, gaining momentum, the girl changed the way that radically cut your hair, turned from a girl into a young sexy woman and began to gather the stadiums of fans.

Спирс, Зеллвегер, Робертс: чем обернулась для них долгая помолвка

According to Instagram, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth after breaking again, Vossoedineniya:

It would seem that the success of the bride was delighted with Liam (which, by the way, he became more and more noticeable in person). But the young snob said that he was "sick and disgusted" from the new image Cyrus, more — the bride is "disgusting". It didn't hurt Miley: she says that his claim Hemsworth was announced only for the cameras, but for her it was a shocking surprise. Of course, the engagement pair is terminated, the romance stopped, but the singer for a long time did not hide that feeds to the former chosen one anxious feelings.

Others barely survive this kind of shock, and some of it is misfortune falls even more than once. So, unhappy in love, the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly a brawler, twice played the role of an abandoned bride. And how beautifully it all began! Old reliable boyfriend girls, Luke Worell, called favorite married on the ocean during their romantic vacation. But Kelly's enthusiasm soon turned to horror: it turned out that Morell regularly cheated on her! The object of the secret passion of the young man was a model-tranny Ellie Schneider. Only a jilted bride recovered from the shock and established personal life, agreeing to walk down the aisle with new boyfriend, Matthew Mosshart as well-wishers opened her eyes. It turned out, the groom also regularly went to the left. Now she has given up trying to get married and focused on social life.

Спирс, Зеллвегер, Робертс: чем обернулась для них долгая помолвка

In the clip Justin Timberlake the main character is very similar to Britney Spears

But not only the ladies become victims of narcissism, fraud, or infidelity of their Cavaliers. The two "knight of the sorrowful countenance" whose hearts were broken by their evil girlfriends. The first is Justin Timberlake, whose romance with Britney Spears was the first serious hobby. They were called the main pair of Hollywood, the perfect teenagers, the epitome of the American dream. Britney and Justin dated for five years, the last two of which went engaged, demonstrating to others the beautiful wedding ring of Spears. The whole world breathlessly watched the training of young people to the celebration, but alas, it didn't happen. What happened between the lovers, and remains a mystery, but millions of fans still mourn this breakup of the century. Wedding never died down, but the "shot" hit Timberlake Cry Me a River. With this song the musical career of the singer went up (and his ex-girlfriend, on the contrary, on the wane). Especially noteworthy is the video for Justin with bitterness and anger kicks in and breaks the photo of the Spears.

The hero of girlish dreams, Mr. vampire all Hollywood, actor Robert Pattinson also fell victim to his heartless girlfriend and bridesmaid Kristen Stewart. The novel that ensued on the set of "the twilight Saga" and was originally considered a PR move, soon gained momentum. Otherworldly couple appeared together everywhere, making fans of the characters (Edward Cullen and Bella Swan) to weep with delight. Idyllic picture, right? It ruined Kristen, tempted and changing her fiance with the Director of the film, which starred. Everything else, the man was married. Shocking footage engaged in passionate kissing nonfree Stewart and Rupert Sanders circled all the Newspapers. Drama grows: Robert Pattinson and Kristen broke up, then got back together, but after a stormy reconciliation and promised each other love to the grave still said goodbye. Wounded heart Robert has healed a huge number of films in which he played amazingly well. A cheater is still sometimes recalls the failed wedding, despite his sudden change of sexual orientation.

Спирс, Зеллвегер, Робертс: чем обернулась для них долгая помолвка

The affair of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart called PR-hagapoco: materials of press-services

Among our stars, the concept of "engagement" is not so common and popular, but still there are celebrities who have publicly withdrawn in light of their elected representatives, publicly announcing future plans. It happened with Dmitry Bilan, who in due time presented to the public his bride Elena Kuletskoy. Relations developed in full view of fans and secular society, but never ended with a wedding March. First Dima and Lena set aside the check for no apparent reason, then Dima has announced that he would marry, if he wins the Eurovision. Alas, his promise he did not keep — and maybe kuletskoy just got tired of waiting. However, now, after time, it became clear that this story Dol-Goy engagement was just a PR campaign. Indeed, the vicissitudes of the relationship beauty and pop Prince the national stage has attracted mass attention.

Happiness was so short lived

However, the Grand quarrel one hour before the wedding — not the worst thing that can happen in the personal lives of celebrities. Sometimes broken engagement save from a ridiculous fleeting marriages that amuse the audience and upset family and friends. Often reckless Express the wedding with the subsequent lightning-fast divorce are a cry for help and recognition of their own psychological problems. Revealing story happened again from Britney Spears. Grieving about her divorce with Kevin Federline, the singer went to party in Las Vegas. A star called school friend Jason Alexander. Alas, the saying "everything in Vegas stays in Vegas", played: the marriage concluded in a small chapel in the middle of the desert, the next day found all over the world. However, lawyers for Britney managed to hush up the incident: after fifty-five hours, the Union was annulled.

Спирс, Зеллвегер, Робертс: чем обернулась для них долгая помолвка

Carmen ELEKTRA had divorced her husband a week after sudibyo:

Just lasted longer shocking newly — Wed actress Carmen Electra and basketball player and a showman, Dennis Rodman. The lovers also went to Las Vegas, also were married in the chapel of the nameless, and even managed to celebrate a week of marriage. However, on the eighth day, Dennis and Carmen quarreled to the nines, and on the ninth day their representatives staged a celebrity divorce.

Now a good wife and mother, a socialite and a role model to emulate teenagers, Kim Kardashian was previously prone to weird calling behavior. The girl long time was engaged to sportsman Kris Humphries. The young people worked long and hard preparing for the wedding, which in spite of all the doubt of others has taken place. The magnitude of the occasion impressed even the Hollywood crowd: the wedding was spent over ten million dollars! Gorgeous bride in a gorgeous dress, elegant groom in an immaculate suit, great reception for two hundred people... for Sure the Kardashian family is still regret the spent on the ceremony means, because love Kim and Chris ended soon in divorce — the lovers stayed together for little more than two months. The reason for parting steel are the "irreconcilable circumstances", which has broken many marriages. In fact, Kardashian and Humphries were unable to agree on where to live.

Far removed from their Western "colleagues" star of the TV series "My fair nanny" Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Her first marriage was doomed to failure from the very beginning — after all, the girl said the coveted "Yes"... on the third day of Dating! However, the actress admitted that even was not in love with spunky alien named Olaf Schwarzkopf. Happy young checked into the Moscow registry office and moved home with her husband in Germany. But after a month she realized that her husband does not look like the perfect man, whose image she managed to draw in my head. Zavorotnyuk without regret escaped and six months later met her second husband, Dmitry striukove (which, however, also then broke up). Soon in the life of a "wonderful nurse" appeared Sergey Zhigunov, the one that Anastasia has been a long engagement. Media headlines about the imminent wedding, while Zavorotnyuk dealt with his official spouse. Say, Stryukov warned Zhigunov about the character of his lady, but love the "middy" was not listening. It all ended more than banal: the marriage never happened, Anastasia, Sergei left, finding solace in the arms of a figure skater Peter Chernyshev. Zhigunov, the assurances of loved ones, long time to recover from the swift and passionate love affair.

Спирс, Зеллвегер, Робертс: чем обернулась для них долгая помолвка

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Sergei Zhigunov and not postilista: materials of press-services

Another imminent engagement, ending brilliance wedding rings on the ring finger, but turned in the end, personal drama, for Zellweger Renee and Kenny chesney. Popular favorite, who played Bridget Jones, the assurances of friends, was in love like a cat, so she didn't notice the strange behavior of his chosen. Footage from the wedding on the ocean, spread all over the world — like paper on the invalidity of the marriage under article "fraud". It turned out that Mr. chesney is not who other, as the wedding is a swindler. Since then, Zellweger in love does not believe, marriage does not seek, and privacy assiduously protected from prying paparazzi.

Someone's relationship breaks the bad faith of the elect, and who is suffering from a mere jealousy. However, this trait of his character, the actress Elena Korikova, entering into marriage with the writer Vladimir Lipskerova, managed to hide. The man himself says that initially it was even a little frightened and jarred "right" and the complaisance of the young wife. Sharing your feelings, Lipskerov immediately got jealous and distrustful lady vamp: Helen did not give her husband rest, constantly suspected and persecuted, and "sawed". The couple tried to save this bright, but challenging the Union, but it collapsed because of the "terrible fatigue" Dmitry after eleven months of marriage.

They say that happy couples who are destined to be different from accidents only one: through all the difficulties and problems they manage to go together. Patience, kindness and wisdom are indispensable components of personal success. And yet sometimes fleeting meeting be fatal and bring the coveted happiness. It is the case — nothing else!


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