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How to live after divorce

Having parted with the lawful spouse, the woman usually becomes the centre of everyone's attention. Unfortunately, too often it is disapproving

Meanwhile, what could be more natural than, alone, to try as soon as possible to re-establish a personal life? Especially if a new love was the main reason for the divorce.

If the couple broke up due to the fact that her husband left her for another, the search for a new relationship — the best way to deal with severe mental trauma. Far not everyone manages to find "his" person and to arrange a personal life. So for "abandoned wives" may start the period of Hobbies, dates, short relationships. And there is nothing wrong with, say psychologists.

Another tricky situation — the property claim of the former wife. "When she is demanding half of the marital property, it acts legitimately in compliance with the Family code. Ugly and wrong behaving husband, who does not want to share. Somehow from the situation sometimes looks different. No need to rush to condemnation," is recommended by psychologists.


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