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Flirting is the practice of femininity

We play these games spontaneously, often without serious intentions, but life without them would be a little poorer

Researchers have discovered the phenomenon of flirting, a lot. Girls have mastered the art of flirting, attract more attention than the more attractive. Who starts the flirting? The first signal in 90% of cases comes from women, only after that the man decided on courtship. Stooping men have less chance to receive such a signal. Confidence is very important for success: if you drew someone's attention and I have no doubt that you will reciprocate, then so be it.

Usually where there is a desire to flirt? The majority of respondents called cafes, University and supermarket. And cinemas and restaurants do not have this. Sunny weather is suitable for easy courtship, and cloudy — not very. How does a woman, if a man is she cute? Smiling, playing with her hair or something, leans in his direction. What attracts flirting man? The smell of tanned skin, the sweet of cosmetics. What repels? Talkativeness and anxiety ladies.


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