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Problems in the family? Invite your husband to dance

Psychologists assure that no man can stand if a romantic candlelight dinner will go smoothly in the languid evening with a sexy dance from the movie "Nine and a half weeks." How to prepare for and what you should pay attention to told professional dancer Anna Delos

"Dancing I'm doing almost all my life, and my profession involves dealing with a huge (Yes, that's right!) a number of men, and, I think, in a few years I learned some patterns in their psychology and relationships with women, "killer" romantic-love relationship is a habit. Men need a sense of celebration, surprise, sexual excitement, a little novelty and mystery. Atmosphere you can create at home. One of these techniques (are fairly typical, but effective) is an erotic dance. Remember the scene from the movie "9 ½ weeks" where Kim Basinger is dancing to the song Joe Cocker — it's a classic! Your man will be crazy if you gave him this evening. Dance is an expression of the sexual soul, sensuality of the person. I can assume that you rarely dance at home in front of his man?

It is very important that the dance has been properly prepared: everything you can do yourself, following a few simple and obvious rules.

Step one: choose music

Perfect to match musical preferences and tastes of your men, should be rhythmic and combined with erotic moves and attitude. For example, sometimes a strong surge of feelings and emotion is the music you first danced together or kissed, or simply met with each other. The track should not be very long: usually three or four minutes.

Step two: think of the image

Think of the image that is able to excite your man, to awaken desire and interest. You can turn into a shy high school student or untethered and aggressive rocker. In the office a fatal beauty or Red riding Hood or a cunning Fox. Restrictions on the image can be only selected by you music and associative abilities of your men.

Проблемы в семье? Пригласи мужа на танец

Put on shoes with high but stable heels or platformate: materials of press-services

Step two: choose clothes

Not necessarily to sew or buy a costume, need one or two vivid details, obviously hinting at the essence of the image, which will strengthen the sexuality. They may even be a little ironic, cute-funny, but in any case not funny. As a rule, in such numbers used shoes high (resistant) heel and/or platform. Almost all types of outfits that are half mask and long, to the elbow, gloves.

Step four: accessory-assistant

Good dance to use an object, played or used for movements. It may be an ordinary chair, a cane, an umbrella, a cane, belt or whip. It is clear that this subject also needs to match the image and amplify it.

When all the preparation behind us, we need to start working on dance, and I'll give you some tips, illustrating them with photographs. I recommend rehearsing in front of a mirror and shoot the process on video to see yourself from the outside and to do work on the bugs. The day "x," arrange a romantic dinner at home, advance warning of the beloved, that at home it will be a surprise. Dinner of his favorite foods, music, wine. And as icing on the cake before dessert — dance. To dessert in this case it will not come, so you can leave it for Breakfast!

Проблемы в семье? Пригласи мужа на танец

As a "helper" in the dance, sulfato sustainable use: materials of press-services
Take a steady chair! He in any case should not wobble. Make every move as carefully as possible, as even the most stable chair may be outweighed by
— You can stand on a chair on his knees: in this position make a "kitty" forward, putting his hands on the floor, roll the hips. Also in this position it is possible to take off and play, for example, with gloves

- Sit on a chair sideways, put his hands on the floor behind the chair and the legs do smooth movements of the type "bike": bend and straighten your legs. The main thing is to do it playfully. If you stretch one leg, you can hold with your hand and pull the body to get almost twine. Such deflection in a chair may sound complicated, but actually it does not need any stretching or flexibility. The main thing — not to sit on the edge of a chair, so it does not overturned.

Проблемы в семье? Пригласи мужа на танец

This position only seems konairamo: materials of press-services

- Sit on a chair and the most widely spread legs, you can do it sharply with a music emphasis, or slow — take turns bringing each leg. In this position the first ' s body from side to side after — leaving hands on knees, draw circles with the torso. Now with one hand stroke yourself! The exact same elements you can do, turning to the man back will look very different, but no less interesting.

- Put the knee of one leg on a chair, the second — a straight — pull to the side, lean forward and move your hand or a prop with which you dance, on the leg.
In dance it is not necessary to insert acrobatic moves, especially if you are not sure that they will succeed with ease. Actually what is more important: confidence in the movements look smooth and logical transitions (not advised to improvise better from the beginning to the very end to work out every move), the selection of musical accents and of course, your sexual energy".


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