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What if in the most intimate incompatibility

It happens: the spouses have different need for sex someone wants more, someone less. How to adapt to each other?

If spouse sexual temperament less strong, don't jump to conclusions about what was love. In any case, do not take offense and is not to blame. The problem is more temperamental women to be active, to tease, to seduce, to diversify the sex, doing it for him all the more enjoyable. Even if he has no desire, he can touch you, a hug, a massage, explain to him that, show me what you want from him.

The cause of the failure on the part of men can be distractions: the noise, the neighbors behind the wall, even the smell of the street. Too often, self-doubt, in this case it helps to restore erection the knowledge that there is no need to act. Sometimes there is disagreement about the conditions — someone the way or, on the contrary, helps light, music. In this case it is useful to take this, for example, compromise: to have sex in the light or in the dark.


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