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The main rule for Dating — no rules

Is it worth to take seriously the naive, long-dated tips about how "need" to behave when meeting with a young man?

Do I have to comply with the "dress code", that is to try my best to look their best? What if to be in their casual jeans and to evaluate its reaction and your compatibility on the subject of sense of humor? Especially if you plan a serious relationship.

What is the meaning carries with it an inviolable rule, according to which a girl have to be late? If you want to come in a time that you can afford. Just like to say goodbye and leave when it became boring or unpleasant.

It is believed that the date is not accepted to speak about money. Man "needs" to pay the restaurant, and in General all costs to take on. This topic can be in any case to discuss, and there's nothing wrong with that, at this time all costs are split in half.

Very funny look regulation, which account for a date you can afford kiss, and what is sex. The main thing — your desire and trust the man. The only rule that should be followed, not only on a date — try to be yourself.


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