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About what do not speak with men

Communication between men and women resembles a minefield. How to pass it without jeopardizing the relationship? Psychologist Alina Deliss made for map for men pain points that are better not to touch when communicating

Not tittle-tattles

Of course, men also gossip, but they do it usually in the company of men. And choose relevant topics. Therefore, do not discuss with a man woman thing. For this is a friend.

No word on cosmetics

Let's keep your women secret. Besides the man in this, most likely, a little that understands. He will always notice a well-groomed beautiful woman, but do not need to devote in the inner side of beauty.

Smaller experiences

A man wants to see you as a goddess. And goddesses don't talk about your emotional discomfort. They share women with problems. Such men do not attract.

О чем не говорят с мужчинами

Psychologist Alina Elispot: materials of press-services

Do not discuss small purchases

Joint planning of the budget is correct. But discuss major expenses: travel, tuition for a child, purchase of furniture. The man doesn't have to know about every ruble you spend on kitchen utensils or bath Mat. Yes, some men think that all those cute knick-knacks that make a home cozy, appear by themselves. Let them remain in this blissful ignorance.

Lots of compliments

Men love them no less than women. But if you even accidentally drew attention to its flaws, especially physical, hurt male pride. Of course, no need to make fun of his plans, goals and dreams. All that is for men is important and serious, should not be ridiculed.

Don't joke about his family

For most men, family is everything, so his parents or relatives should not be the target of your jokes. The man himself is able to understand and deal with family problems, if any.

If unsuccessful, the conversation did take place

In such situations it becomes clear, where is the limit beyond which we should not go. This gives you the opportunity in the future to bypass acute angles. But as you know, the word is not a Sparrow, and if it is said that the best thing to do is to apologize. The man who loves you, will always understand and forgive. Most importantly, do not lose mutual respect.


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