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Office romance: pros and cons

Ph. D. Marianne Abravitova conducts an educational program on the relationship, which is beyond the scope of the labour code

Office romances is easily explained. When people of different sex are in one area, like it or not, will have any pulses, even at the chemical level. Unconsciously or consciously we are all looking for a sexual partner, even if it is their legitimate and seven of the shops. Man is so constituted.

Romance in the workplace can be based on different scenarios. Sometimes, there is an active flirting, which has a stimulating effect. People try to look good, to be persuasive in the workplace, to aspire to career heights. Basically, this scheme works in the intelligent, ambitious environment where, with the help of office romances, people achieve much more than without them.

Another scenario — opportunism: when the boss is having an affair with his Secretary. In these relations we are talking only about pleasant use each other, usually the Secretary of such bosses do not stay long. So, dear girls, think about how much you need it.

Sometimes production romance outside of work and ends with a scandal. And this is the ugly scenario of the office romance.

Служебный роман: за и против

Marianne, Abravitova: materials of press-services

If you can't keep from office romances then try to build a beautiful relationship. Engage in moralizing on the subject — a typical manifestation of bigotry. Life need to be taken for what it is. I am against office romances, if they harm the work, the individual, the family and others. I for office romances if everybody wins, including work, and no victims. If smart people have relationships on the side, in family life, these people like to keep things on a positive note.

People with well developed intuition can calculate office romance your second half. Most are capable of women. In their place I would not go, and just decided for himself — are you ready to accept that my man will always have a relationship on the side? If a woman is ready to accept this fact, why make trouble, and if you are not ready — you just need to separate scandals here, nothing to achieve. People will lie, but is unlikely to change their behavior.

Office romances rarely end in marriage. There are statistics, according to which people married or married, having an office romance, most often remain in their families. Such an adventure at work can be compared to the icing on the cake, which of course gives the completeness of the composition, but the cake is clearly tastier and more.


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