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Can we be happy in an unequal marriage

Expert psychologist Anna Iotko — like: marriage to a man much younger or older, you cannot expect that he will abandon his lifestyle and circle of friends in favor of your

Unequal marriages have always met the disapproval of society: thought that was such marriages are not for love, but of convenience. But even if the cause of the misalignment was love, both lovers had become outcasts in their community. Only one type of unequal marriage was the most acceptable and the most common — when the man is older, sometimes much older women. Today, often the reverse situation when young men choose women for 7-15 years older than myself. But does such a marriage happy? And as far as at all possible happiness in an unequal marriage?

It is often possible to meet opinion that it doesn't really matter whether there is a difference between husband and wife in age, level of education, financial support, origin etc. of the Opinion is erroneous, because all these factors are integral qualities of the person. Marrying with someone from another culture, it is impossible in one moment to forget the customs and traditions of their own. Entering into a marriage with a man much younger or older, you cannot expect that he will abandon his lifestyle and circle of friends in favor of your and Vice versa.

Возможно ли счастье в неравном браке

Entering into a marriage with a man much younger or older, you cannot expect that he will abandon his way, infoto:

Against all these reasonable arguments from those who are still not afraid to enter into an unequal marriage, there is only one, but, as it seems, "iron" argument — love conquers all. Belief is a huge misconception has broken many marriages, not only unequal, but also quite ordinary. Practice shows that when the euphoria subsides and a little passion to the fore those differences in habits, lifestyle, worldview, level of development, which constitute the essence of the inequality between the spouses. We note in passing that unequal marriage can be and is quite suitable to each other at the first sight of people. Inequality creates no actual difference in age and degree of maturity of each (when one is ready for a serious family life, and the second is not developed), or perception (which is normal for one second is unacceptable), etc.

It is believed that the most common cause of the conclusion of the unequal terms of age of marriage is the search for a more suitable sexual partner. Men are attracted to youth and beauty young girls and young men feel more confident next to an experienced woman. But very often such relations take not only married but also a parent, when a more senior partner takes care of the younger ones, realizing not only the status of a husband or wife, but also parents and young husband thus solves children's problems in the relationship with true parents. Some time this situation can completely satisfy both partners, but the prospect of such a relationship is very vague. To ensure that the marriage was truly a successful and lasting it must be built on a relationship of equal partners, to assume their equal contribution to the family, equal participation in the discussion and resolution of important issues.

Возможно ли счастье в неравном браке

Unequal marriage can also be a harmonious Union of two of luzatto:

Unequal marriage the spouses poses a lot more questions and require better relations than the traditional one. Does this mean that any unequal marriage is doomed for divorce? Of course not. There are examples, but, unfortunately, they are not very much, when unequal to any criterion of marriage is the harmonious Union of two people United by the same goals and values. On the other hand, the divorce rate, even among the traditional couples is so high that a really happy family — a rarity.


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