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What scares men before the wedding

If the bride's wedding day is the happiest in life, then the groom it is associated with continuous experiences. What? Let's deal

Wedding soon! Who hasn't felt nervous before such a solemn occasion? After all this time and for life, and I want it to be perfect. However, as it turned out, the groom is worried, not less, and maybe more for the bride. So what's his issue?

I'm getting married. I? Getting married? An indescribable storm of different emotions in men causes it is the fact that he binds his destiny, not just a woman, but with an ally. That will become a sex partner, and friend, and just favorite.

No! Men don't cry! He is afraid of the treacherous man's tears running down a cheek in the most important moment. And this is not surprising. It is therefore possible that your partner will give way to tears in advance and without your presence.

As I combed? Yes, this question it was also concerned, but only on the day of the wedding! Because you want to look your best in photos that will last a lifetime.

Что пугает мужчин перед свадьбой

Men get nervous before marriage not less than geninatti:

Oh, what about my feet? They were icy? And a little later was thrown into a fever? This is also normal within reasonable limits. Still nerves.

The last hundred grams, I'm nervous! The main thing that they were the last time. Otherwise you can "lose" the groom.

She can't run away? He though vaguely, but I remember a movie about the runaway bride. But everything is ready! So the groom still believes that all will be well.

How do I get up? On the wedding photo and he wants to look great.

My God, what am I doing here? Is the idea only one time flashes in his head. But when you say each other "Yes," she quickly evaporate to remember this day forever!


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