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Scary beautiful: why attractive girls often stay alone

Expert psychologist Alain al-As — that are often "gray mouse" are more successful in their personal life

Beautiful girls attract attention. They always become the object of interest — and not only from men but also from representatives of their gender. Beautiful girl surrounded by a halo, which arose largely due to the stereotypes that are often incorrect. Beautiful is considered to be unavailable, happy (at least in love), often frivolous and even silly. This aura and these stereotypes often complicate the lives of not only the beauty, but also men, attracted by her appearance.

Paradox: it seems to us that anyone who, while beautiful should not be problems in the relationship that fans have to queue, and the task of beautiful girls — just choose which one they prefer or fits better to her needs. It seems to us that loneliness is the lot of ugly, otherwise it's hard to believe. But in practice often "gray mouse" are more successful. So why is beauty often single?

The stereotype that beauty is claimed, deters them from a fair share of fans. Rejection by women is a very common male fear, and many prefer simply to retreat, admiring a beautiful woman from afar than to fail. Hand in hand with this goes another stereotype — that beauties high standards, and not every man corresponds to them. In part, this is actually true, today most of the beautiful women know their value (often overestimating). Society itself contributes to this, beauty and youth are in demand, many are willing to pay well for them. But that doesn't mean that the polls are all beautiful behave, only to check it on the experience to prepare, not all men.

Страшно красивая: почему привлекательные девушки часто остаются в одиночестве

Stereotypes about beautiful girls alienate many of arcinfotm:

Beauty is often associated with lightheadedness and spoiled. The man did not initially perceive the relationship with a girl seriously, assigning her the role of eternal girlfriend or mistress. Indeed, when beauty is the main and only weapon, a long lasting relationship hard to build, actually — nothing. Often in such relationships are both unhappy, and the man expectations which did not materialize, and the woman, believing that she must love only beauty.

Often beautiful girls become pawns in their appearance, believing that they will always have time to get married, not taking your date seriously or devoting all his time to the education career. When the education received and career is on the upswing, it's time to think about love, but it turns out that former fans have long been married, and among friends and colleagues, almost all proprietary. In other words, to choose not from anyone.

All of the above can be called external factors, but there were also internal. For example, the self-doubt. Oddly enough, pretty girls are often ashamed of their beauty, believing (not without reason) that men are only interested in their appearance, and the inner world, interests and Hobbies are useless. The other extreme — excessive self-confidence and independence. A girl believes that you will achieve herself, and help (often not gratuitous) men it to anything. Accustomed to achieve the most and rely only on themselves, a girl is very difficult to let into your life of another person.

Страшно красивая: почему привлекательные девушки часто остаются в одиночестве

It is believed that beauty is either too independent, or are fixated on zamujestve:

Consumer attitude of men to the beauty that often leads to disappointment in love and men. Another reason is the unwillingness or inability to take the initiative in the relationship. Often this is a result of upbringing and inspired the parents of the provisions of the "Princess". Another important reason, which is very interferes with personal happiness, it becomes an obsessive desire to marry. Girls like men are afraid no matter how pretty they are.

Today beauty has become a commodity that is good not only sold, but bought. Being pretty is easier, featuring female stylists, cosmetologists, plastic surgeons. Girls ready to invest in their beauty and in order to get rid of loneliness, ideally — to marry well. Beautiful becomes larger, but the number of singles is not reduced. And all because beauty does not equal personal happiness. The relationship is a complex process, and the appearance of them plays an important, but not decisive role.

Not to mention about another reason. Lonely woman — one of the brightest signs of our time. Women are stronger, more discriminating and independent. They provide themselves, set themselves ambitious goals, achieve them and are not willing to put up with second roles. These women do not want and are not willing to give up love, but looking for equal or superior to their partner. It is difficult to please. They are alone, but do not lose hope for happiness.


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