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6 signs of a good lover

Some tips on how to recognize at the first meeting the man who will surprise you in bed

Do not brag of your achievements. A good lover must be confident. Such a man will not be on all sides to tell about the achievements and exploits. He prefers to prove their case.

Has a good appetite. This is a fairly important point. If a young person with respect and appetite refers to the repast, and in bed he is a worthy lover.

Shows attention. Body language speaks volumes. If you constantly catch him looking at me, sympathy was mutual and he also wants to give you pleasure.

He's a good dancer. His dance can say a lot about his sexuality. If he's dedicated to dance, moves smoothly and plastically, in bed with him will not only pleasant but also interesting.

He gestures at conversation. According to the physiognomists is a striking feature of people active in bed. Just imagine what he can do with you with these hands.

The deep timbre of the voice. It is known that women like men with a deep sexy voice. If its voice gives you a pleasant shiver throughout the body, in bed, he will not disappoint you.


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