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How to avoid pain after sex?

A few tips to eliminate the pain after intimacy

Sex does not always bring us only pleasant sensations. Sometimes intimacy may be accompanied by discomfort, burning and even pain. Pain may be during or after sexual intercourse.

There are several causes of painful spasms.

Semen is composed of prostaglandins, causing uterine contractions. But this has an effect only during unprotected sex.

Discomfort causes mechanical stimulation of the cervix, especially if there is erosion.

Painful spasm of the pelvic floor muscles can occur when the muscles around the vagina are in tension.

If the cramps are given to the pain in your back or legs, you should get checked for uterine fibroids or endometriosis.

The reason for discomfort can be irritation in the bladder, ovaries or uterus, as a result of friction during intercourse.

Among other reasons are stress, lack of lubricant or a psychological barrier.

There are several ways to eliminate the discomfort and painful spasms.

During sex, you should experiment with poses. Pick the one that will exert the least pressure on the cervix.

Uterine cramps similar to the pain when menstruation, therefore, the remedy they have in common. The easiest attach to the lower abdomen warm heating pad.

Also do not forget before having sex to empty the bladder to reduce irritation.


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