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Why doesn't he want to marry

6 main reasons why your man has not yet offered his hand and heart

You've been together for a very long time, but your young man doesn't even talk about going to the registry office. This leads to resentment, quarrels and misunderstanding. But do not despair, there may be several reasons. For starters, let's face it.

She is guilty. Many women in the early stages of a relationship are throwing the ill-advised phrase: "marry you? Never!". Men notice these things.

Or maybe you are too often remind him that you want to acquire the status of wife? He was used to this and do not take seriously or, on the contrary, tired of this theme.

Not the perfect time. The man wants to make this wedding unforgettable. So he saves the money needed for your big occasion. If so, then rejoice — your beloved cares about you and wants to make itself happy.

He's not thinking about it. As you know, women are more dreamy lady than the strong half. They fantasize about the beautiful ceremony, the bouquets, the dress... Men do not attach any importance to this, and may the wedding not even thinking. Try gently hinting to the young man about his wishes.

Own beliefs. Some men think marriage is an imposed stereotype of the past. He is not willing thus to indulge a whim. And on the question of marriage, there are a number of examples of couples who "and not painted live happily".

Family celebration. He wants to share the joy of the holidays with your children. Women find it difficult to understand this logic. But many families register their relationship only after the appearance in their lives of little angels. Even among celebrities there are such examples.

Chronic bachelor. They have a good life and without a stamp in the passport. It is the eternal "predators" who do not wish to limit his freedom of action legal registration. To forever to remain a free companion, you should directly to find out his future plans for life.


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