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Why favorite me lost interest

5 things that make men lose interest in you

After a survey among men from 22 to 45 years old, it was found that is able to push away from women the stronger sex.

The atmosphere of communication. If you are constantly tense and stiff in the presence of his chosen, he might think that this is just business relationships or business. It is important that you remained relaxed and was myself. Then he, too, will feel comfortable.

You are the mistress, not the mother. The concern is, of course, good. But when you show not just the attention, and maternal care, it affects your sex life. Keep the image of an attractive mistress to his passion has not subsided.

You bring only negativity. Share your problems with your loved one for their joint decision. But one should not exaggerate the hysteria in detail, to bring the work of the trouble and in a bad mood and even more to talk about other people's problems. If you come only bad news, it can bring doubts about a joint bright future.

You don't notice its success. Even a small praise could be an incentive to greater achievements. Admire their man, the stronger sex loves attention. Mending the tap, washed the dishes, or waste — it is an occasion to praise him. Otherwise he will find another woman who can appreciate it.

You have little in common. It so happens that people change and stop to understand each other. Not always possible to take in the interests of the beloved head, forgetting herself. This is usually the reason to go for both, because there is nothing more to look for in such a relationship.


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