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7 taboo topics in conversation with the man

A few things not to discuss with your loved

Of course, right especially appreciated the sincerity. Disappear all the secrets, and you two know everything about each other. But there are facts that are better to hide from his men to keep myself in his eyes charming and desirable.

Present opinion about his parents. In any case, the family in the life of every person in the first place. If you are going to speak about the beloved parents is not the best way, it will certainly be to protect them, and quarrel with you.

A celebrity that you secretly dream. In the eyes of your beloved man wants to be the most loved and sought-after. And to hear the stories that you want to fall into the arms of johnny Depp, it is unlikely he is interested. Tell that you like his acting, not creating the impression that the case would you leave your boyfriend for the sake of celebrity.

The details of the stay in the bathroom. We are all adults and aware of the peculiarities of physiology. But the stories about poisoning or diarrhea discourage his desire in a moment. These trials you make you closer, but without the need to reveal them is not worth it.

How much effort has gone in to make ready for her date. Do not immediately disclose to him the whole kitchen beauty. You can't tell how much makeup they had to apply or how many hours to spend in the salon. Let the man just enjoy the result.

Imperfections appearance. Everyone has their faults, but not to dwell on them. People love you for who you are. Don't bother asking questions about how you attract. Men don't like to discuss.

Menstruation. He, of course, useful to know the cycle of "those days" to plan with him your sex life. But it would be better to miss the changes of the female body.


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