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Why is there a relationship with a married

What does the relationship with the non-free man and how to get out of a love triangle? At the request writer and psychologist Olga Romaniv helps to understand a difficult situation

Why is there a relationship with a married

If you remove the materialistic side of the question, when a girl becomes the mistress of rich men, the main reason for such relations is the search for love. Therefore, having met, as it seems, a dream man, a woman can not leave him just because he's married. And, of course, waiting for this man's actions. For example, he will divorce and marry her. Sometimes these thoughts are backed up by his promises. Woman suffers under stress and even suffering, especially when the promises prove to be false. Of course, the question arises: why do women tolerate it? Turns out that women are genetically more resilient, patient, easier to tolerate the pain. They, unlike men stayers, and this feature makes them hostages ambiguous situations where "we have a little bit to wait".

Talking about such relationships

Primarily about the lack of inner freedom. Whatever illusions were on that mistress does not need to wash, clean, cook and so on, the wife's rights she is deprived: to openly appear in public places and to Express their feelings and relations, spend holidays together, have mutual friends. Children, even if it comes, will be for the men in the background as their mother.

Почему возникают отношения с женатыми

Olga Romanito: materials of press-services

If you date married men, then you likely have a victim complex. The idea that love is "by itself" is impossible, it can only be earned by sacrificing himself, — another feature of the psyche of a woman entering into a relationship with someone else's husband. Her demeanor silently said: "I wait for you, despite the fact that you're married", "for you began to move your prospects of family happiness." These "victims" a woman tries to earn the love, attention, the future prospects of their life together. But, according to statistics, not more than five per cent of men leave their wives for mistresses.

How to get out of a love triangle?

In a relationship with someone else's husband put in the basis of their own happiness. Don't be afraid to talk to their man and be specific. So, if you promise marriage, discuss the timing and plan of action. There are new reasons to pull the rubber part. If you leave yourself can not contact the psychologist. Practice shows that the chances of finding happiness after forty years of significantly reduced every year. In addition, you accustomed to humans, so part of the time will be harder and you will be ready to listen to any excuses, just leave everything as is. Love and respect yourself! This is the main recommendation of the psychologist.


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