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Men's a provocation: how can I get it tested

Expert sure if you are asking "illegal" questions — enjoy!

If a man provokes you... rejoice!

Yes, I misspoke — that rejoice, and not be offended. Because the provocation is nothing but as a test, and if a man does it — he is checking you out, feeling a sincere interest. No one will test him unpleasant woman.

You know what's scary?

Indifference. When he doesn't care who you are, how and when to behave. He's not playing, not teasing, not letting the studs, and looks at you with empty fish eyes. Then you for the trip. As a person you simply don't exist.

But why would he do that?

You ask. But when you buy a car and take it for a test drive, you can't just go around the city at a speed of 40 km / hour? You want to accelerate on the highway, but the SUV still in the dirt drive. If you are experiencing something considered as a serious candidate.

A man wants to see how you behave in stressful situations.

And not just at a table in a quiet restaurant in the pleasant process of communication. It looks that you have to wait, if you are close to a long married life, in which there may be misunderstandings and conflicts, and different complexity. Provocation is a sign of serious interest.

Мужская провокация: как пройти его проверку

Julius Lansce, an expert on selecting the perfect pair for zamujestvo: materials of press-services

Isn't there a "female" checks?

Let us not dissemble: you are satisfied with testing, validating his chosen four main points:

- How is he generous?

- As it relates to mom?

- What do you think about children?


Men act the same way.

They arrange testing for the same items.

- It only takes or gives?

- What kind of relationship she has with her parents and whether his mother-in-law?

- Could she be the mother of my children?

- How suspicious does not turn life to hell?

What man receives from provocations?

It collects your complete real image. It's fitting everyday clothes. Do not RUB, not too tight? Maybe the rough fabric, pressing, sewing uncomfortable? If the jacket originally did not like to try it, no one would. If you do not consider as a potential wife, there will be no checks.

If you are faced with a man who provokes you, you have two tasks:

1 — to recognize

You should see that this is not just a matter or action is deliberate or unconscious test, your test of adequacy.

2 - to understand

Ask yourself the question: what is he trying to accomplish? Understand his motives. What does he want? Why is pulling emotional strings? What result he needed?

Мужская провокация: как пройти его проверку

If a man checks you, then he is experiencing interestto:

A false move leads to the loss of relationships

You didn't showed a bad reaction. You were suspected of frivolity, narrow-mindedness, greed or hysteria. There are lots of things that can push your man. It tests you on basic a painful topic for him — you can tell him that you have these moments or him to see it in all its glory. Don't show the man its dark side. Better yet, get rid of them.

Be eco-friendly

No need to admit its part in toxic behavior. I respect other people's boundaries including. No need to put himself at the head of the universe and behave self-centered. See how your winnings currently will respond to all your relationships. And always and generally evaluate their actions according to this parameter. What will cause your behavior, how it will affect the long-term relationship?

Do not confuse provocation with violence

These are completely different things. If you are humiliated physically swung and the more hit, tear relationships. The man who allowed himself considers it to be like the norm. This is not an accident, do not look for excuses to him. And do not listen to what you are told that you provoked it are to blame. It will not end, this is only the beginning of a terrible future hell.

A woman... how?

You are with him for a couple of nights, several weeks, or months, or forever? A successful man often is not looking for a wife. He's fine, he assured, settled in life, he realized. Why would he? It may not always be aware that the possible support, love and affection. Moreover, if faced only with selfish consumers. You need to show him your value, let them see that you can give him.

Time novels

A man who is not looking for a permanent relationship will make it. They have no restrictions of childbearing age, they are not ticking watch, and short meetings are optimal in this case. And only with that woman together is better than one, he wants to build a family. And the provocation here is a normal stage of testing for the role of wife.

To successfully overcome stage provocations it is necessary to understand man.

You should know who he is — a successful accomplished man, and what does he want from this life? There are basic features that are always inherent in the people, and seven:

1 trait: dedication. He knows what he wants, and for this purpose, not being distracted and not sprayed.

2 trait: responsibility. It moves the locus of control and completely responsible for their actions.

3 trait: positivity. He's bright, kind, good mood thinking. He's not thrust into permanent negativity.

4 trait: careful. Whatever it is, his decisions would never be directed against his family — wife, parents, children.

5 trait: dignity. He knows his worth and knows how to behave. He has a very well developed self-esteem.

6 trait: self-control. He knows how to control their emotions. He holds himself in his hands. This man is truly a master of himself.

7 trait: saturation. He lives a fascinating life. She is filled with passion, courage. His emotions are bright, full of the positive.

Мужская провокация: как пройти его проверку

How long will this relationship depends largely on your reactivate:

The most popular male provocation

Need to know slippery aspects of the relationship and be able to successfully pass any of the male test. No need to panic — adequately assess any situation. There are main types of provocations that you have to be ready:

1 provocation: "you Want to marry me?"

2 provocation: "What do you want?"

3 provocation: "what restaurant are we going?"

4 provocation: "When was the last time you had sex?"

5 provocation: "You call your ex?"

6 provocation: "Who's your ideal man?"

Forbidden topics

There are topics that in the beginning of a relationship is absolutely not acceptable to discuss. For the harmonious development of relations you could not touch them, but men violate your boundaries and the list of taboo subjects is announced almost on the first date. If these issues are raised, it is a provocation, and you can't say the same.

1 topic: about work

If asking your partner, it tests your self-sufficiency. You are in this society? Whether you want to sit on his neck? Such questions almost always contain a double bottom.

2 theme: about the former relationship

You have the right not to answer, this is not an interrogation by the police. Nobody has the right to poke their nose into your personal life. If you want to talk, don't make yourself a victim, denouncing past partner, that you devalue yourself.

3 theme: family

Man will monitor your response, to analyze the relationship with his parents, will understand what to expect if you are living together. Is he ready to be a father of your children? Respectful to your family? Such things are personal, and they are very important to understanding who you are.

4 theme: future family

Man, it is important that you give yourself a complete idea of what you want in your life. If such a question by a woman sounds like running line "I want to marry!", then there is your interlocutor wants to understand what you are. Whether they match your expectations with his willingness?

5 theme: what a husband you need

If a woman knows what she wants, she has no motion vector. It creates a feeling that ready to establish a relationship with the first counter. And all because there is no criteria with which it compares their candidates.

6 theme: questions of a philosophical nature

If a man only philosophizes, talking about the eternal, look not whether you are in the friend-zone? Perhaps you are just a friend, and you don't see a Woman. Peace talks are good if they are on the background of intimate attraction.

7 theme: questions of an intimate nature

Issues can be as innocuous, for example, are you afraid of tickling and insensitive about sexual preferences. You need to be ready and nice and witty to laugh it off. I think this is the only correct way out of a sensitive situation.

8 topic: questions about bad habits

If you ask, then create an image for themselves Right Mommy, instead of a Desirable Woman. The man is testing you on the errors and mistakes. The questions can be quite provocative: "like the wine?.. what do you like to drink?".

The reaction to the provocation

It should always be adequate. Needless to say, that he made you angry — it's like complaining that the spoon fault that you overeat. Keep your boundaries and don't let the man continue. Not fontaneria emotions, evaluate the situation rationally, do not lose control over it. And especially it is not necessary to move the locus of control in the outside area, another person. Responsibility for your emotions carry you alone.

How to get out of difficult situations?

No need to be offended and blame the man for such questions. It tests you, so stay with dignity. Understand that you are not required to answer them. You have every right to be. You can laugh it off in his sentence — this will be the best thing that you can think of. But it is best to pre-view and to think through these situations and keep homework on various universal cases.

I Lanske Julius, expert for the selection of the perfect couple for marriage, I wish you to overcome all the difficult moments and meet these situations to a happy marriage with a loving and loved person.


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