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How to defeat the rivals, having met her man

Not uncommon for the attention of one man fighting several women. And confrontation is much more hidden and subtle than the physical — men

Any male competition, in business or in personal life, this is a direct confrontation between the two males. Everything is similar in nature in the animal world. They — they fight. Physically, intellectually, morally, status. It's always absolutely straightforward and explicit confrontation.

Women are all different, their rivalry — veiled things, random tripping, prick or field of intrigue. This creates a kind of trap competition and to emerge victorious, they must know.

Trap # 1 — focus on the fight

The woman gets to the triangle of doom "Rival Male Rival". Competing man clearly sees his goal and goes to her conquest. But the weaker sex are too much given to emotion and completely, with his head submerged in this competitive process. At this point, the goal of their choice — is secondary, forget about it. And all thoughts about one thing: to punish the opponent. To bring to the white knee or pinch and mentally painful, to arrange some sort of dirty trick: everything is done carefully and in secret.

While all the attention is completely shifted from men to rival. At this point, the goal of each is to crush and destroy the opponent, not as it is more advantageous to look before turning. And he stands to the side and watching this process, watching how the two women reward each other with punches, say taunts, doing bad things. And the purpose for which they entered into combat, will never be reached, because both leave her in the opposite direction. They are not exposing themselves in the best light, and hurt each other and themselves.

Как победить конкуренток, встретив своего мужчину

Julius Lansce, an expert on selecting the perfect pair for zamorazivateli press services

Trap number 2 — the depreciation yourself

If a woman enters into such a competition, it sharply reduces its nominal value in the eyes of the elect. It's like she's screaming: "Take me, I'm better!". But the usual market laws do not work in personal relationships. It's at the fair you can walk between the shelves and choose that which sells cheaper. Affordability attracts buyers of some common goods, but in the choice of man, woman plays a completely opposite role. Men love to hunt their prey, overcome obstacles, to conquer it. They chase the hare instead of looking for it in the finished fried.

When a woman fights for the man, she shows him a more than available. "Sale! Only from us! All five rubles!". The instinct of the hunter is completely off, because a finger he doesn't need to move, she'll come running at his Beck and whistling, or even eye movement. The woman translates that better rival than reduced rates ready to win at any cost, by any means. Except in this case it may be of interest to conquer it?

Trap # 3 — rise of the elect

Competing, women cultivate their emotions. The male figure is growing disproportionately in their field, is becoming increasingly large and important. Emotions are running high, the desire intensifies, the emotional tension is heating up more and more. Their tortured thoughts, eat experience. It is not just man who is cute enough that I would like to try to build a relationship, but the only purpose in life, the most cherished trophy.

And the more she is drawn into this confrontation, the more increases the importance of his chosen, although personally it absolutely has nothing to do not. The result is an artificially inflated figure of a man, which do not always correspond to adequate to reality. There already are laws of the market: if demand is high, supply increases in price.

Trap No. 4: the fear of losing a trophy

In the struggle for man to artificially grow the love of women. She gets herself worked up, suggesting how great he is and the best. With it grows and the fear of losing her beloved, who was a real treasure. This fear provokes very real dependence on his personality, you may feel panic at the thought that she will not succeed. Because she has already invested 5 months in the conquest and retention of the gentleman — the best of the trophy and "the last of the Mohicans".

The woman is completely fixated on the man, it seems that there are a lot of hunters, and that means we need to cling to him tighter. It's Intrusive and stifling. A woman, like a leech, again and again devalues it in the eyes itself. To her, he is the only ideal, and the other in her life, she just doesn't see. She lost logic and critical thinking. You can tell that he was losing himself as an adequate person.

Как победить конкуренток, встретив своего мужчину

When a woman fights for the man, she shows him more than dostupnost:

Trap No. 5 — the jealousy of rival

This competition is envy. Initially, the rivalry starts, because the woman believes, even subconsciously, deep down — that the second best of her. Prettier, smarter, more interesting, more active, more successful, and so the choice can be in favor of it. And these thoughts cause unhealthy interest in the competition and the winding itself.

To lower its value at least in their eyes, and at the same time — and in the eyes of others, the woman begins to vilify rival, to talk about her gossip, to tell others how bad it is and unworthy. You show the inconsistency, lack of confidence in their abilities and potential. And you become like a grouchy old woman who was left sitting with nothing.

How to avoid the pitfalls of competition?

1. To overcome all the fears of those who are younger and more beautiful you.

The assertion that demand only a young girl with model looks — is false. For a man in love his fiancee is always the most beautiful woman in the world.

2. Not to succumb to provocations of your competitors.

Let others humiliate himself, dropping his value in the eyes of men. Don't need to get involved in a stupid fight so you will behave decently and will look more advantageous. "And I add in a salad yogurt, not mayonnaise" — in such lines, even on everyday topics already started about the "smell" of the competition.

3. Under any circumstances, feel confident and relaxed.

If you have adequate self-assessment, the adjusted image, besides you worked out the possible aspects of behavior, you will never have problems in any situations.

4. To attract your man and be for him the same One.

As you work to become fully developing as a person, revealing your femininity and giving himself the role of the Wife, adhering to the correct strategies and tactics, you will definitely find the half.

Как победить конкуренток, встретив своего мужчину

In the struggle for man to artificially grow the love geninatti:

But how to meet the right person, a man? For this you need to make the right steps in the right direction. Will tell you about three basic steps.

The first step: analyze yourself "today I"

At the initial stage, you need to evaluate yourself, what you at the moment. And start working on yourself, understanding where you have a weak link. What traits and skills are not sufficient? At what points in your image flawed? What you need to work for you revealed in the most advantageous way?

Step two: reveals the image of the Wife

You make a plan for your improvement and follow it precisely. Not sprayed, not getting distracted, set a number of tasks and perform them. In the process don't compare yourself with a friend or with some imaginary ideal, but only with myself. Look what you been and what have become. Even better... and a little bit better...

Step three: creating the conditions for choice

You should do everything possible prerequisites in order to choose a man, the best among the best. By changing yourself, you are preparing a new I that she was worthy successfully held the status of a person. You have to understand that what wife need such a person, how to properly behave and how to create a happy strong family.

Как победить конкуренток, встретив своего мужчину

A real woman is always aware of its unikalnost:

From pupa into a butterfly!

Woman transformirovalsya, changes, builds itself perfectly in all directions. She is working on your external image, leaving the women-Mistresses to a woman-his Wife. Improving your identity, she creates another internal state, finds love and confidence, ruthlessly discarding the anchors of the past. She reveals her sexuality and emotionality. Begins to correctly use body language. For successful communication with men exploring their psychology. And of course, fully aware of ITS UNIQUENESS.

A woman can not come across the right man.

She's a lady, as worthy of acceptance in society, and the admiration and love of the stronger sex. It is harmonious, and every detail of her image is inextricably linked with the external world that surrounds it, and with their own inner world. All this creates a powerful inner feminine power that attracts men.

With all this, you will be able to become a standard of femininity and attractiveness, will be surrounded with attention and care, will find happiness in love and realize myself in the role of Wife and Mother.

I wish You to meet your soul mate, to find happiness, to create a beautiful family. And I will help You with this: Your Lanske Julius, expert for the selection of the ideal pair for marriage.


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