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Decrypted erotic dreams

Intimate, explicit visions of nudity, not always are the dreams of just about sex as a physical act

This time will give sleep 2 different women with comments about how erotic the content is hidden a completely different kind of information.

Sleep first snovideni: "After rampant sex, which I don't remember at all, I ask the man: "let's do that I can think of!" So I want to — live the horror as he did not seem to mind, but not ready. Look — he's not worth hanging out a little segment, and he looks at me, I know nothing about it, and he's not getting up".

It is important to say that for some time navideca working in a therapeutic group on the topic of building relationships. She has a long way to release yourself for a more Mature love, as up to that point the relationship had been turbulent and passionate, but once the passion had ended, the relationship ended too. This she saw as a result of their studies in this subject.

It reflects what it perceives intimacy with a man from a state of insatiable hunger. Like a thirsty desert person, finding the oasis, loses consciousness from the sudden cessation of suffering and drink until you pour back. Same for snovideni state of intimacy — "to get drunk" to satiety, as if won't happen again. It's like booze when she loses a sense of contact with them during sex. By the way, brought up on romantic novels women often believe that this is the norm. What not to do during sex is a sign of its correctness and wild passion. I wonder why it is perceived this aspect of sex when if we lose consciousness on the street, in stores, at work, we call for an ambulance and carefully check the health. In other areas we know that contact with him you need to stay yourself in each moment, and especially in an intimate moment.

Now back to knowidea. Returning to consciousness, she is trying to build a contact not from deficiency but from other motives — and yet it fails. In reality, she is faced with the fact that she and her partner on the creation of intimacy, in which both present their free will and are quite aware of what is happening, I have no idea.

Mirror dream of another woman: "I dream that I had a man. We sit with him in my room, it is clear that it is moving to the intima. He's in a silk robe with the figure "cucumber", I can clearly see them. But suddenly he spreads her legs, under the robe, no underwear, and I see that in place of men's bodies is nothing but a huge scar. I look at him in a panic, and he said, "You wanted a partner, not a man." At this point I woke up."

I sleep just the opposite. Intimate images from the dream show her the wound in the subject of sexuality. Obvious wounds men and less obvious in women. The dream showed her what she dreams of "safe" partner that will not affect the sexual aspect of their relationship. And ultimately really not close to her. If he gets close, and sex is possible, then... Then invite snovidenie to reflect on which psychological wounds of sexual subject she is trying to heal by gaining an asexual partner.

Freud claimed that free sexual energy in us that flows and finds different outputs in the form of creativity, self-realization, of course, sex is the key to mental health and full human existence. The more complex bans, potaennye our drama in this thread, the more difficult our life energy to flow into us freely.

We wish our sevinicem to hear the promises of their dreams and move on.

What you dream about? Examples of your dreams send почту:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..Кстати the dreams are much easier to explain if the letter to the editor you write prior life circumstances, but most importantly the feelings and thoughts in the moment of awakening from this dream.

Maria Dyachkova, a psychologist, family therapist and host of the personal growth training Training center Marik Khazin


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