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Lose interest when a man falls in love with me

Expert psychologist Alain al-As — that the hunting instinct inherent in including beautiful ladies

We all can not imagine life without love, but the path we each have our own. Some people are lucky and their love, they find out quickly, even at a young age. Someone finds, loses, but does not despair and believes and waits, sometimes for many years, their happiness. Someone humbly wait his only boring, so looking for it they turn into an exciting game, and fill your life. But there are those who themselves seek love not bring nothing but disappointment and emotional experiences. These include, for example, girls who quickly lose interest in men who fall in love with them.

At first glance it may seem rather strange to draw attention of the desirable men and lose interest in him as soon as he reciprocates. But in fact, this problem occurs quite often. It is considered that the hunting instinct inherent in men, there is even a huge number of tips for girls on how to behave with men to trigger and maintain their interest using this notorious instinct. Thus, the concept of "instinct" implies that man does not act quite intelligently, obeying the unconscious, uncontrolled impulses.

Whether the girl be under authorities similar instinct? Maybe when the most important thing for her is marriage (or the existence of a male nearby). In this case, any man, more or less any age and appearance, becomes the object of "hunting" (and in the most severe cases, even hunting for those who are not underneath that is not suitable). Flirting girl, attracts the attention, while not really delving into someone in front of her. All the power goes to like, not to know a person, the way men often idealized, is adapted to the desired standards, and in fact — just thought out.

Теряю интерес, когда мужчина влюбляется в меня

All the power girls go to like, not to know his object, stractivate:

And that's when an invented man finally pays attention to the girl, their relationship becomes more intimate, personal, and suddenly it appears that everything is invented — untrue, and that the man really isn't "not appropriate". That is, the man is actually normal in itself, but invented the image does not correspond to. And this mismatch gives rise to frustration — so much energy wasted on the wrong. A girl loses interest in him.

Familiar situation? In fact, the situation may be a little different, but the result is the same: as soon as one becomes available, interest in it is lost. And most often it is due to the fact that a real person doesn't conform to our perfect expectations. But most interesting is that he does not have to match them, he doesn't know that you fell in love with him, and you come up with a way. Nothing remains both a girl who received a wrong, and a man who does not understand what he was not pleased.

Often this hunt for a man (trophy) — a tribute to the opinion of society "need to be with the man." But in reality, often the girl is afraid or doesn't want a serious relationship. In this case, she's flirting, seeking, and receiving a confirmation of feelings from men, loses all desire to continue.

Теряю интерес, когда мужчина влюбляется в меня

To avoid disappointment, it is not necessary to invent a man. Better to find out first what he, predstavlyaete:

For some the hunt is a kind of check for your own ego, "I could." But in this case the girl has no motive to create a long and close relationship, it is only a game. To feel on a horse, beautiful, desirable.

Many believe that women's behavior is a symptom of arrogance. But in fact the opposite is true, and most likely the girl has some problems with self esteem and a fear of relationships.

The way out is the same place where the entrance — don't fantasize! No need to invent a person, upon first meeting, and imagining the perfect wedding, and the color of the walls in the kitchen of your home, and the number of future children. Spend the time and effort to get to know someone before you. Practice shows that even a superficial acquaintance, a conversation, an evening spent in the company, help to understand, and whether you need to get acquainted closer? Yes, in the beginning of a relationship we all are a bit blind, preferring not to notice the chosen something we don't really like, but don't deliberately aggravate this condition! Remember, you are playing not only with his feelings but with the feelings of men. And it's not a game you win on a bluff.


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