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Why men cheat in long-term relationships

The psychologist Roman Talanov said why you should not put a sign of equality between the random adventures of "left" and the emergence of a permanent mistress

The betrayal of a loved one is always unpleasant and in some cases simply disastrous to family relationships. The most offensive, when the husband changes, the head of the family, which lived together for many years. What makes a man change in long-term relationships?

You have to understand that infidelity are different. It is not necessary to put a sign of equality between the random adventures at corporate events or in the sauna and a constant lover, who claims to be an increasing place in the heart and mind of men. In the first case, cheating can occur accidentally, for example, under the influence of alcohol or simply from a desire to "try something new". In the second case, the situation is much more complicated.

To start a relationship with mistress man makes not so much a "polygamist", as the existence of certain problems in the family. First and foremost, is the problem of psychological character. Over time, the feelings between the spouses blunted, his wife began to be seen by man rather as an abstract relation, less attracting him sexually. If in the family there are constant conflicts, or spouses are generally indifferent to each other, the ground for infidelity is almost ready, and the emergence of a mistress — only "trick."

Почему мужчины изменяют в длительных отношениях

We should not equate the occasional infidelity and constant, lubovnicadali:

In a relationship with a lover a man can find something that he lacks at home with my wife. And it's not only and not so much the sex or the young body, how much understanding, compassion. We may seem surprising, but many men change, not with young beauties. Quite often the lovers become the same age, and even women a little older. They are able in greatest degree to understand the man, tired of the monotonous family life. In addition, for many men a feeling of novelty, the same joyful feeling of love that was characteristic of the early stages of communication with my future wife. The mistress and the man seeks to relive those feelings again, saturate yourself with positive emotions.

A distinctive feature of men's change from women is that most men still remain in the families (of course, if the wife didn't know about the cheating or closed eye), mistresses for them no more than the adventure. And if your man "pulls left", before the conflict, it is better to think about what could be the reason of his discontent everyday family life.


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