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5 rules of etiquette

Good manners are always in fashion

Be considerate to the person

The ability to listen and not interrupt, even just out of politeness, will immediately call the location of your interlocutor. Do not distract, do not look around, even if you are insanely bored. If the topic you are really quite tired, move the conversation to another, more interesting you.

5 норм этикета

Learn слушать

Do not be Frank

To talk with unfamiliar people choose neutral topics: weather, movies, sports. It is unlikely that a colleague from another city interesting disease your cat or quarrel with mother-in-law. Politics, religion, finances, personal life, and your mutual friends — is not the best choice for conversation.

5 норм этикета

Be careful with темами

Keep yourself in the hands

Excessive manifestation of emotions: laughter, cries, tears, in the best case will be forced to speak about you as an eccentric person. And seriously, no one is. It is not necessary to show his attitude towards others at all even if you are in love with his boss, and I hate his Secretary, leave feelings out of it.

5 норм этикета

Control эмоции

Keep your distance

In public places and crowded companies do not hurry to throw on the neck of his close friend. You can put them in an awkward situation. Suddenly he has lunch with business partners or wife. Simply nod as a greeting.

5 норм этикета

Take your time to get into a stranger разговор

Contact correctly

According to the rules of etiquette apply to you should be to people over the age of 12. Do not skimp on friendly glance, a smile. Welcoming, friendly attitude is to prove to everyone, including staff. If you need to contact, use impersonal request, like "please", to yell "waiter" — indecent.

5 норм этикета

Be polite to всеми


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