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Why people are embarrassed to talk on intimate topics

Psychologist-sexologist, MBA Irina tells Him talks about how it happened: the sex everywhere, but many questions afraid or baffled

In the USSR, no sex. A very famous phrase. Now seems to be there, even in excess, but for most people the topic of sex is still painful. Why?

In fact, our country is still not developed enough to Institute sex education. To be more precise, it is not there. The families are still not accepted to talk with their children about the culture of sex, first experience of contraception. Morality above all else, and it kills the sexy. In Soviet times, parents put children themed books, which raised these topics, and the teenager had at least some idea of what sex is. Now the majority of the "ancestors," I guess all he needs, the child will find himself in the Internet, learns from friends and often just dismiss or suppress the issues related to sexuality. Many questions about sex, intimate relationships afraid or baffled.

The first sexual experience occurs early, ahead of the maturation of psycho-emotional. The body is ripe, and the consciousness yet. Each person is unique, the physiology of all different, some Mature faster, some slower. Have you ever noticed in school as over the summer, the whole class has changed, were all the same height, and how dramatically everything has changed in just 2-3 months? Under the influence of hormones, pressures, and not always realizing it, the teenager is able to make mistakes in sex. Hence, psychological trauma and sexual problems in the future.

And the Internet is not the best teacher. ⅔ Of the available information on the topic of sex or inaccurate, or is presented is not really available. As a result, the teenager is confused even more, he having all the new questions that he doesn't find answers and don't know where to get them. Add to this the stories of friends whose sexual experience has been (usually only in their fantasies and in words). In the end, he begins to feel inferior, appear systems.

Почему люди стесняются говорить на интимные темы

For most people the topic of sex still remains, boleznennostew:

Another common problem is the sex in families where the marriage lasts more than ten years. Spouses just get tired of each other, "chemistry is not the same". And look for a sexual partner on the side is not an option. Although many believe otherwise. Sex on the side further exacerbates the problems with sex in the family.

But problems arise not only in adolescents, but in quite a grown-up and Mature people. Sex is now everywhere: in advertising, the Internet, on television. It is in excess. And so shy by nature people are starting more to think that with them something not so: "all sex is, and I don't have or all it a lot, and I have little, I like that".

Our mentality does not imply to contact in case of psychological problems to the experts. Psychologists began to ask more, but sexologists afraid still. The generally accepted view that experts address the "freaks and perverts" or "where something is not right."

Women often if you go to the sexologist, with the problem of lack of orgasm and problems with arousal.

Men are more concerned about his erectile function.

Regardless of gender, there are problems in sex due to stiffness, fear, complexes of disharmony in the family.

Sexologist helps those barriers and clips to remove.

The topic of sex still continues to be something shameful, is not accepted to discuss, to share. And have even more to go to a specialist. Today the policy of sex education, only one — the prohibitions. But really education and awareness in this area.


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