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7 "hooks" women to attract successful men

main problems that come to me for training, or the absence of a male or courtship is absolutely not the level at which ladies were hoping for. They want their loved ones do what they hope. But how to achieve this?

"How, how...?" — rushing from all sides. How to make often called? How to achieve that gave gifts? How to behave to get asked out? How to get a proposal of marriage?

There are special "hooks" that women "catch" the attention of men, and today we will talk about them.

1 "hook": the style

You should pay attention to his image. What you wear, how you look? You should position yourself a woman who may become the spouse worthy of the status of men. Tops with bare bellies and tight mini skirts will definitely attract male attention, but why? You will consider the role of mistress and fleeting adventure. What is your status, you demonstrate to others? It should be the role of women-Wife — graceful, elegant, feminine.

Recommendations:the colors of your clothes should be attractive — not screaming, but not making you pale and inconspicuous. Choose a calm, but vibrant colors, bright colors without busting, or neutral, adding a bright elements, accessories. Your image needs to be remembered, and should be stressed, creating their own flavor — it can be a beautifully tied scarf, a pendant at the neckline and even a special haircut. This will allow the man to notice and remember you. And in General you should be always fresh and neat, to be well-groomed woman.

7 «крючков» женщины для привлечения успешного мужчины

Julius Lansce, expert selection ideal partner for a relationship and zamujestve:

2 "hook": the internal state

Are you satisfied with your life? Can you thank her for any of the experiences you have had? Often if you are in a depressed or stressed out, running like a squirrel in a wheel? Maybe you are depressed, you have no confidence, and have you already forgotten the last time I did a nice. Do you have the inner harmony that attracts successful men? Are you satisfied with your life and state of mind? No one interested in the woman in a bad mood — depressed, sad and dull.

Recommendation: the Interest of man to woman deepens her inner core, her "giving" energy. Men need a positive, fun, positive emotions — give them this. Build yourself up, let your eyes shining warm on his lips plays a smile. Maintain the feeling of joy and harmony. It is necessary to raise their energy state to you in abundance gushed forces. To do this, suck your internal and external resources. Give yourself time, do nice things, vacation, health.

3 "hook -": body language

Freeze! And look at how you're sitting now? Need to watch your grace and posture to be able to correctly keep that was nice third eye. As you move, love to dance? Can sensually posing for a photo shoot? To apply themselves, effectively sitting in front of a man on a date in a table in a cafe? This will tell you what, do you own your body, are you able to control them nicely to move, "to include" the man with his movements. Perhaps you are clamped, and the stiffness does not cause men of interest.

7 «крючков» женщины для привлечения успешного мужчины

Body language is very agentto:

Recommendations: Learn to master the body language and use it in relationships with men. Don't be lifeless statues! Motion widely, do not take a static position. Become more graceful and flexible, so your walk was easy, sensual movement, and posture –friendly. Use my technique of "5 curves":

1. When you stand, shift your body weight on one leg, a second slightly set aside and bend the knee.

2. A little expose one thigh, making it the focus.

3. Back arched, chest forward, keep good posture.

4. Hands press down to the body, slightly round them in order to achieve a graceful bend at the elbows.

5. The neck is slightly tilt.

Your beautiful body curves will not remain without attention of men.

4 "hook": communication

Do you know how to keep the conversation at an appropriate level? Interesting whether you are the interviewee? How to get out of an uncomfortable question or if I can fill the gap? You know about men's checks-provocations to be able to overcome them with dignity? And in General — how exciting you are able to communicate, be interested in any conversation or chat with you is boring? And most importantly: do you know what not to ask men, and which topics are most profitable?

Recommendations: You should not talk about anything that somehow can immerse your partner in the negative. Taboo topics are all questions about his professional activity, former relationships and his real family. Also, do not ask about future plans, wants to get married, how does his future wife, it is the real Nipper with hints to themselves. Do not touch intimate areas, and various philosophical issues.

What can you say to men on dates? All that will cause them to have pleasant associations, positive memories. For example, their hobby is favorite horse of any man. On travel, we can discuss where you visited both, or ask for advice on what to visit. About cooking and news, art and sports. It's almost a win-win options.

7 «крючков» женщины для привлечения успешного мужчины

Learn to restrain, emolite:

5 "hook": emotionality

"All written on his face" — I guess you could say that about 95% of women, maybe more. Because really: if we are happy, gives us a smile and happy facial expression. Sad — the corners of the mouth down, eyebrows house, slow motion... the Angry — eyebrows move, eyes flashing like lightning, and his hands are just itching to hurl something!

The highest art — to be able to manage their emotions, be affectionate, go to different levels of emotional States using gestures, facial expressions, body language. Such women attract and excite men, these women want to find out.

Recommendations: to keep men, first learn to control your emotions and switch them in a positive direction. Practice the technique of self-controlin stress situations

1. Breathe deeply.

2. Find a place where you can see the horizon, look into the distance — it is important the future of your relationship.

3. Remember a pleasant event from your life. Prepare it in advance, can several. So do the actors, when needed, for example, quick to cry. At the time of stress imagine that positive moment to stop negative condition.

6 "hook": sexuality

Sexuality is not the behavior of the representatives of the oldest profession. Let's see how your behavior carries a soft feminine sexuality? For example, how do you eat on the run or savoring every bite? How do you feel about your body, do it, whether you care for him? As you talk, know how to communicate with men in a voice that was low and pleasant? Relaxed whether in the society of men, which you are crazy? You have to behave sensually, opening in me a real Woman.

Recommendations: Use my exercise of "Spoiling the body". Start paying attention, make beautiful clothes. Develop gracefulness, dance to sensual music. Rate in the mirror the smoothness and sexiness of their movements. Taking a shower, point the water alternately on different parts of the body, feel them relaxing these muscles. Lie in the bath, interrupting the pleasant thoughts. After a bath Pat your body, shaking off the water, then wipe it with a towel and massaging, apply a cream.

In society, being dressed, hold hands on the hips hands, as if you straighten on a dress — it very effectively attracts male attention.

To rekindle interest in the opposite sex, you can use my technique of "fire and Ice", creating contrasts everywhere — from emotions and clothing to behavior. A man tired of a woman who is always the same. You can be a little hotter, and then more calm, measured. It is cozy, passionate. Try on different roles. For example, even just to keep a man's hand then gently squeezing it tightly.

7 «крючков» женщины для привлечения успешного мужчины

Any hobby and addicted to you is an important part of samorealizatsii:

7 "hook": self-actualization

This is a very important part of life. To be valued and respected in society, we need to develop to be in demand as a specialist, satisfied with their work — all this gives confidence. Do you realize your way of life, their aspirations and goals? You have something to be proud of yourself? Is there a hobby that gives you vitality, feminine energy? If women are not built the horizon of its vision of its future — it will not be seen as a partner for a long term relationship. It will have the short term in the form of an intimate relationship or a fleeting affair for several months.

Recommendations: Have Hobbies or work that you are these areas filled with life-giving inspiration. Draw, sing, embroider, ride a bike, go on driving courses. Find a favorite pastime, which will entice you. Learn new things, grow as a professional. Download and start to read a new interesting book. Sign up for a dance, to the gym, look for something that will make you better — don't just stand there. It is important to see the goal of development is to move to a new, higher level, filled with giving energy. So you reach the state that will attract the man of your dream.

By changing yourself you change your life.

Next to you will be men of a completely different, higher level. And they will fulfill your wishes before you even think about them. Aspire to a model of Women-Wives, and when you reach it, you begin to constantly call and invite on dates, and make every effort to have you around. Because it will make the man who loves you with all her soul and who saw in you the woman, you'll never want to lose.

And I, Julius Lansce, expert selection ideal partner for relationships and marriage, I will help you with their advice and recommendations. I wish you happiness.


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