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5 mistakes we make at work

Cases when it is better not to hurry with the answer

Mistake # 1

You were offered a part in a new project and you immediately agreed. But it would be better to consider: do you have enough forces on the extra load? Rate the prospects of the proposed work, predictions of the result can be, and should not be taken.

5 ошибок, которые мы совершаем на работе

Take your time with решением

Mistake # 2

When applying for a new position, HR specialist asks you in detail about your past work, about the reasons for the dismissal. Honesty here is not a guarantee of success. Not converged character with the head? So you're a brawler and you expect problems. Left for family reasons? So you can't count it, you can quit at any time.

5 ошибок, которые мы совершаем на работе

Tell me not the whole правду

Mistake # 3

We are applying for a new job to get money. But if you request a large amount, then you will most likely fail. Small — so you don't appreciate your work and time. You may have low qualifications and you do not qualify for the position you are applying for. Find out the average salary in this position and I'm sorry for 10-20% more.

5 ошибок, которые мы совершаем на работе

Adequately evaluated себя

Mistake # 4

Discussion of financial Affairs of the company with colleagues. In almost any company is the current salary of the employee is a trade secret. If you don't comply, you can't be trusted.

5 ошибок, которые мы совершаем на работе

Without откровенностей

Mistake # 5

The boss always wants staff "burned" at work. But come the enthusiasm. Otherwise you will have to load further without charge.

5 ошибок, которые мы совершаем на работе

Don't forget about отдых


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