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Rules of the perfect first date

Psychologist gives advice on what to wear, what to say and how to end a meeting with a young man to become unforgettable

First dates are always volnuetsya and mysterious. Psychologist Olga Romanov told about the rules of conduct that will help the girl to hold a dream date.

The right clothes

Ask yourself the question, what kind of relationship with this person you want in the future, and focus on the answer, choosing the outfit. Revealing outfits may highlight your strengths, but may be perceived as an invitation to the rapid development of the relationship and not the thoroughness with serious prospects. Focus on elegance. For a first date is a win-win.


In dealing, take an open posture and willingness to communicate. Crossed arms and legs show the source of your stress and lack of willingness to be honest. Appraising look, prevents full contact. Try to relax, and facial expressions will become more friendly. It is also not recommended for a long time to talk on the phone constantly to answer, esemes, something to write: so you show disrespect to the interlocutor. Don't use slang words and expressions.

What to talk about?

Choosing a theme, focus on Hobbies and interests, can affect the romantic feelings and future plans. Allowed to talk about family and loved ones, while only in a positive way. Remember that it's a first date, and not the choice of strategy for your family a married couple with experience. Talking about work was set up on the official footing, and complaints will leave a residue in the form of guilt from your partner. Put your politics, religion, and ecology. They can spoil the optimistic background conversation or to be controversial. And, of course, don't talk about all my exes.

To drink or not to drink?

If the date is in a cafe or restaurant, you can enjoy a glass of wine or whatever you like. But, first, not very expensive, and secondly, a little bit. Definitely not to be drunk on the first date. To prove that you really are not a drinker, and did it from fear, is likely to fail.

When to end a date?

According to experts, the ideal time of the first meeting — 1.5–2 hours. Sometimes there are small date first, it may be due to the fact that neither party dares to say good-bye first, and second, allows your partner to feel master of the situation. Let him think that he can dispose of your time and subsequently, for example, to call when you want, will deprive him of the incentive to conquer you.

First kiss

Psychologists advise to avoid kisses, hugs and strokes. Hoping for a sequel, save the suspense for both of you. But you can subtly flirt and hint that the chances of the next meeting the other person is still there.


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