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How to choose the "right" man

Maria Wyss, practices harmonious life, especially for tells about the major mistakes women when dealing with the opposite sex

How to determine what you each other? My position: the most important choice in a woman's life — is the choice of men. Implementation, professionalism, their work is very important. But priority to women — family, hearth and male. Again, this does not mean that a woman should only concentrate on it. Awareness of life — is balance and harmony in all things.

The problem is that women often make the wrong choice. They are in the waiting position, and waiting for men to make them an offer. "Oh, please, please pick me". And they zachariae eyes from adequate and sober analysis of this man. And if at all the man to be a father? Will he protect, provide for his family?

And here for me it is very important to understand all the same division of roles in the family. Because in order for a woman were relaxed that it was full, balanced, harmonious, giving sufficient energy level, she needs to understand that the tasks men and women are different. In men, we often want a strong shoulder. But when we get that strong shoulder, when the man wants to make a decision, we Rob him of the initiative and shouted: "No, you're doing it all wrong, I'll do it". Thereby we destroy just any initiative in a man.

And so, if a woman understands the difference in roles, difference in the family, it will be much easier to give the reins to the man, and it to deal with the hearth. In my personal world man protects and provides for the family, while the woman creates the conditions in which the family will be harmonious, be happy in which to grow happy children, the husband will get a ton of energy and motivation from women.

Как выбрать «правильного» мужчину

Tasks in men and women, Reznyovete:

How to be the best for your man?

Here I will give three pieces of advice. First tip: do not try your man to alter. I'm even convinced that we always choose a partner in the image and likeness. If a girl with a strong sense of dignity, luxury and elegant in all respects, and the man she'll choose exactly the same.

And who do not value yourself, do not like, they choose mediocre for such a little man, and then want to make him the alpha male. But this can not be, because the woman with undeveloped female advantage cannot be like men.

And here women come from the fact that she is still so mediocre, but wants a man and begins to work on himself, and his brain anymore. In the end, man what can you do? He sends, because a man needs a woman to feel, to feel her excitement, feel her admiration, gratitude.

And this second life hack. If you want a man you wore, you need to constantly to admire, to thank him constantly. Many girls are afraid that the man will sit on the neck. It is utter nonsense. When we say "thank you" for the basic things that makes our man: protects, provides, cares about the family, the man wants to do more.

Как выбрать «правильного» мужчину

Every man needs the admiration and gratitude of his geninatti:

The third piece of advice: just stop cutting, stop criticizing. And I for one always give on trainings such thing as mittens. That is silent in the mitten. This is when you want something again to her husband to say, drank it, criticize anything, you get the mitten, leaving shut up in it, and then think about what the reaction would be more constructive in this case. The problem is that we don't manage our reactions and emotions.

Let's say the husband did something hurtful, for example, came later. Our reaction is what? To arrange scandalise. Or be offended, to withdraw in silence. But again, what's the point? Because that is your standard response, which will lead to conflict. You say, and why he doesn't respect me, why is he coming in later? And I can tell you. Because the family has no close family there is no trust, because when there is intimacy and trust, the man will always think about the woman's feelings.

If this behavior is, there is need to think not about what the man — goat, and the fact that the relationship is not at that level, if a man allows himself to do such a thing.

If you're questioning his every reaction, you will understand that, in fact, this relationship is a reflection of your contribution to them. And that offense makes no sense, and you just need to think about why it happened and how to fix it. And then you will not have even the desire to criticize my husband.


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