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How to cope with jealousy

This nagging feeling can bring into a frenzy, so the question arises: what to do? Psychologist and head of the club Olga Romaniv shares effective tips

Why is there jealousy

There are people who are jealous because of the confidence that they are not good enough (pretty, smart, rich) for its partners, and each person they are willing to see the opponent. The man noticed that his girlfriend staring other men can be very confident and still be jealous. It's his nature, he feels male and wants to share with anyone what he believes is his. The woman, who saw in the social network like and gentle comment under the photo of her man, believes that this is another sign of attention, and are ready to make your loved dressing. In both cases we are dealing with a belief that the person with whom you have a relationship, you own. This is a misconception. Even your husband or wife are not your property.

Give freedom to your half

Of course, everything should be in moderation, otherwise you can go far. Besides, ask yourself: why do you need someone interesting to spend time with others, whether live chat or online? Maybe it's just not your man? No wonder they say: don't waste time on those not willing to spend it with you.

Как справиться с ревностью

Olga Romanito: materials of press-services

Learn to trust

Try to train your mind. No need to take every "like" as enemy strike. Learn to separate the natural behavior in social networks from the actions of predators who hunt for someone else's prey. Not in a hurry, in modern parlance, "make the brain" to his beloved, he just may not be aware of intentions of your opponent.

Stop to deceive ourselves

The person who is jealous, wants to be loved, not to love. Jealousy destroys. The more you jealous, the more afraid to lose my partner. Fear takes ahold of you so that you stop thinking clearly. But what exactly are you so afraid to lose? Why so dependent on a loved one? Maybe it's the lack of support, attention, compliments, approval? Unfortunately, many people confuse love with habit. Maybe it's not deep and Mature feeling, but a basic unwillingness to get out of the comfort zone. Try to look at your attitude: do you "two halves of a whole" or just two people who some time were good together? And if this time is over, don't take it as a tragedy.

Release fears

Try to mentally go through a breakup, imagine what would happen if you suddenly break up. First, your fantasies are likely not the brightest, but then you most likely will calm down and imagine how you'll make new relationships. And perhaps they will be even better than before. And, lo and behold, you will most likely find a great solution! So, the fear of losing the man leave.


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