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Male dreams: to search or not to search

Spring — time of love. And many women dream to meet the perfect partner. However, do not rush to believe that it exists. listened to the psychologists Alena al-As

It is difficult to say how many girls ' lives broke the dream of the perfect man as not perfect, but worthy men were rejected because of the belief in the ideal, how much time and nerves wasted in search of the ideal. And all this from a little idea to give as hard as the idea to meet the man of dreams. But to give you need, and the faster you do, the more you will have the chance to build a happy relationship "in real life".

Strange, isn't it? It would seem that the opposite is true: it is necessary to meet the perfect man and happiness will come, a harmony and understanding dwell in your house, and the love will last forever, and without any effort on your part. But it does not happen. And this is one good reason — none of us are perfect.

Where does sustainable faith in the ideal?

Often the fault is not only classical literature with its invented characters or Hollywood movies with the same happy ending, but also education ("you deserve the best, do not settle for less, don't go for compromise"). The perfect man is an illusion, and every illusion is harmful, if you want to achieve something in the real world. Most importantly, the need to abandon the idea of finding the ideal it is necessary not just to understand but to accept. Because often the head we understand, but to accept in the soul can not continue to act in defiance of common sense.

Does this mean that you need to agree to any relationship with any man? Of course not.

Мужчина мечты: искать или не искать

Alain al-Asfoto: materials of press-services

To choose can and should, but to be guided by the common approach.

First, understand who you are looking for. What qualities in a man for you the most important, most attractive. Looking for a wealthy businessman? Get ready for the fact that it will be lost on the job. Looking for a striking, handsome and jovial? Perhaps you're not his only passion. Looking for kind, caring, a good father to the children? Prepare for the fact that your holiday you spend not on Mallorca, and in Anapa. Yes, the example is somewhat exaggerated, but illustrative.

Secondly, to get rid of stereotypes and prejudices. What to talk to him, if he does not know who Henry Miller? He has a cheap car — what do you say my friends? The human psyche is so arranged that all good things taken for granted, and all the flaws are always evident. Think, is it significant these shortcomings against the background of advantages.

Thirdly, do not expect that relations will arise instantly. Instantly may be of interest, arousal or, conversely, hostility, rejection. Those other feelings may be wrong. Do not jump to conclusions. Yes, the ideal man as the ideal relations do not happen, but the good news is that to create happy relationship with a real man might be and almost every.


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