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Why a woman who owes nothing, there will always be a loser

Consultant relations, writer Olga Kraynova exposes one of the most common strong girls a myth

Beautiful, independent, confident, flying gait walks past the men, and he immediately falls for her. And, of course, begins to court her. Active, beautiful, unhackneyed and always paraded in front of everyone. And why? Because it is "all in, Dolce Gabbana", confident men, not shy, she is not met, the promise does not hold, because the woman is not forbidden to be a little bitchy, and she owes nothing.

Such a scenario is hundreds and thousands of women took for yourself as the best and podpisav its huge number of articles on the subject of what a woman owes nothing, firmly believe that indeed they will be happy.

Don't like to play the role of Mythbusters, but, in my opinion, this is one of the most dangerous misconceptions of women and girls, which can greatly affect their quality of life. Why?

The first reason is what puts the bar person for their achievements. And here it does not matter what it is — a decent man with whom we can safely have a family, or on any other achievements, whether it's career or success in any other field. If you look at the biographies of great women or famous athletes, or entrepreneurs who have achieved significant success in their lives, you can see that none of them received all that is in vain, just like that. Everyone worked for this special effort, diligence and, above all, was very demanding to himself. None of the successful people said, "I haven't had to, so I just made". On the contrary, these people felt themselves to create their future, must train, must work at least better than others, and so they won. It sounds too pompous? Possible.

Почему женщина, которая никому ничего не должна, всегда будет в проигрыше

The phrase "I don't owe anyone anything" is one of the most dangerous female zablujdenie:

But even if you do not talk about the world sport stars or billionaires, but just to give an example of women who are happily married to a wonderful, decent man, and already live the life that others only dream: have a house, kids and a really strong marriage, and in this case, none of them said, "I am a woman and I don't owe anyone anything". At least, she had herself — a manicure, regularly to wash my hair and dress nice. And after that again raises the question of the planks on which the people claim. Looking at whom what requests: if a woman wants an uneducated, not very clean and tidy, unemployed man with a thirst for beer and insults, in this case, of course, for such a character is possible especially not to try. But if a woman claims to be someone higher level, more significant rank and wealth is more serious if a woman is planning to become his wife, have his children and these children show an example of a happy family, it's definitely something, but I have to. Maybe not for others, but for his happiness and for your happy future.

Reason number two. The phrase "I don't owe anyone anything" is, among other things, completely asocial and inapplicable to real life. Each person lives in society, according to certain established rules. For example, between neighbours, there is some agreement not to make noise at night, for example, not to use the Elevator instead of the toilet. You can say: "I owed nothing to anybody" and to break these rules, but then again the question arises of the level of aspiration of man, his environment, and strap requirements. I am convinced that persons without a certain residence there is by this philosophy, they really don't owe anyone anything, and that's why they don't care what corner they sleep, which exude fragrance and what they think about passersby. The question arises: who want to be? The great, successful and famous, which impose increased requirements or for those who sleep in the gutter? Who want to get married for a decent and intelligent or the first encounter with minimal achievements?

Почему женщина, которая никому ничего не должна, всегда будет в проигрыше

All relationships, especially family, require certain sternite:

The third reason is the brutal truth of life. As the experience and basic observation of people, the phrase "a Woman owes nothing to" I love beauty. Beauty of 14 years used to a particular attitude, without any effort. Just in exchange for a pretty face they begin to love people who are drawn to them men, and it seems that fans will always be. Hence the attitude of the people to men is often a consumer and not very correct. Pretty sure there is still a huge line of people waiting to make her life beautiful, because the individual particular person is not valuable. His philosophy "I don't owe anyone anything," the woman dismisses one man after another, hoping that somewhere in front of her waiting for the perfect option. However, ahead to be alone the 30th anniversary. Then the 35th anniversary, and also without a husband and without children. And, oddly enough, almost without fans. Because every day new young, pretty girl comes into adulthood and draws the attention of men. And our grown-up 35-year-old beauty, having grown up by this age, a huge ego finally begins to suspect: "Oh! I'm 35. Fans left! Rather, there was, but as I don't want to. But the ones that I want, or already busy, or not want me. MAYBE I'm STILL someone that has to?"

Scary fact of life, right?

Dear girls, don't believe in the stupid theory of the sweet life without effort. Do not be like Pinocchio, who was buried in the ground a coin, hoping for a money tree. Don't believe those who say that the woman owes nothing. It's a sweet lie, it's opium, it's like a long stay in the pink glasses. This is a terrible misconception, which takes the best years of your life, and then I saw the light, you will understand that some things need to be understood and to do many years ago. There is no absolute happiness, just fallen on his head. Even if it falls in your hands, this pernicious phrase you can lose your happiness in an instant, just failing to hold it. For happiness, for love, for any of the achievements you need to take action. If you want to be happy — you should! First of all, yourself!


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