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Working wife or housewife: what's best for the family

Family psychologist Alexey Golev told what pitfalls lie in wait for women when choosing one option or the other

In the modern world woman, in addition to household chores takes care of, and making money. While her husband works too, but coming home requires delicious food, ironed shirts and well-behaved children. Many girls do not cope with this load, and become Housewives. And after some time the family breaks up. At this point the question arises: "Working wife or housewife: what's best for the family?". Each position has its pros and cons that affect family relationships. In order to understand this question, it is necessary to consider them in detail.

The pros of working women:

1. Work — possibility of self-realization that will bring additional income to the family budget. The question of money on manicures and hair styling disappears at once after received wages. But you should pay attention that some men will want to put the money in the family budget.

2. Unlike the housewife, it does not inhibit family life. A change of scenery sometimes is good, then as the days of Housewives are usually monotonous.

3. Takes care of herself. Anyway, the women's competition in the team affects the appearance of the woman.

4. The opportunity to share her husband with the housework. Coming home in the evening, need to do homework. Well, if the man understands, then some cases can be entrusted to him. But when her husband is lazy, then this plus automatically turns into a minus.

Работающая жена или домохозяйка: что лучше для семьи

Working women often did not remain forces and time for home gopotatotv:

Disadvantages working women:

1. Fatigue after work. Any work (mental or physical) takes energy, and in the evening the house will need to do a lot of work.

2. Not enough time on raising children. Approximately 8 hours per day is spent on work. The children may feel deprived of attention, which in consequence may affect family relationships.

3. Not enough time to maintain cleanliness in the house. Working women often in the morning can remain nedomytye dishes, while the Housewives are usually the kitchen is clean as a whistle.

4. The stresses and conflicts at work. You need to understand that part of the stress and negativity brought home. Due to a bad work mood, women spoil relations with her husband.

The pros of Housewives to the family:

1. Always clean house. Unemployed women will always find time for washing dishes, washing curtains and cleaning the toilet.

2. Well-fed children and husband. Everyone likes when opening the refrigerator, you can see the different prepared dishes.

3. Time for Hobbies and a gym. Unlike the working girl, the homemaker can choose for her a comfortable time visiting the gym.

4. Self-parenting. This is a great opportunity to monitor the child's development and learning, as well as saving money on a babysitter.

Работающая жена или домохозяйка: что лучше для семьи

Housewives with time, you begin to engage in a manic, workoutt:

Cons Housewives family:

1. Financial dependence on the husband. Becoming a housewife, a woman should know that she will now have to always ask for money from her husband.

2. Closure from society. This may appear a feeling of a lack of communication with people. The woman at this point tries to fill the void in intercourse with her husband (as a result of it will be lack of attention, romance, etc.).

3. Dressing gown and Slippers will be the main elements of the wardrobe. Most women do not dress up at home. Tail on the head and zastiranny gown can soon become the reasons for the cooling feeling on the part of the husband.

4. To stop development. Working woman always learns something new: attends, participates, whereas the housewife deliberately spends his time cleaning the house.

It so happens that the men themselves insist that their wives got a job (or quit). But before making such an important decision, it is advisable to see the traps that await your family:

1. Coming to work, you need to be prepared for the fact that man is not you will be perceived as a good hostess. Moreover, there is a huge risk that all household chores will remain your responsibility. Work also will take a lot of time (sometimes have to even stay after hours).

2. By resigning, the woman usually starts to pay less attention to his appearance and starts manically cleaning up. After a while it catches up with boredom, and then gradually eats up her love life. But it's definitely not about all.

Based on the above proposed list of pros and cons, you can not give a clear answer to the question, what is better for a working wife or a housewife. To be a housewife or work — only you can decide, because sometimes one plus negate a lot of cons.


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