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5 factors that increase the risk of divorce

Scientists have deduced interesting patterns

Factor No. 1

According to the observations of American sociologists, it is very important at what age the couple got married. If young people get married almost at school, their pair is very likely soon to disintegrate. It's the immature individuals who still do not know what they want from life, not define the values.

5 факторов, увеличивающих риск развода

The marriage age from 25 to 32 лет

However, the output of the first time married "a little over 30", does not always guarantee a successful marriage. The fact that by this time all the princes are already taken, so sat up in the bride ladies take those who remained. According to scientists, the optimal age for entering into official relations from 25 to 32 years.

Factor No. 2

Big age difference is another harbinger of divorce. Especially when the wife is older than husband for five years or more. According to statistics, these couples differ in three times more often than peers. It's all in the interests. After some time there is a conflict of "fathers and children". A young husband finds himself in the role of a spoiled child, wife — mother, on whose shoulders all family responsibilities.

5 факторов, увеличивающих риск развода

The unequal marriage is bad выход

Factor No. 3

Different financial status also leads to a strengthened marriage. Subconsciously a woman wants to see in her husband the protector and breadwinner. If he lies on the couch, and she works from morning till night and gets more than him, then it increases the risk of divorce. Couples where the income of the spouse is at least 60% of the family budget more durable.

5 факторов, увеличивающих риск развода

A woman should not be добытчиком

Factor No. 4

There are unsuitable for marriage profession, which, for example, involve risk and irregular working day, as do policemen and firemen. Not every wife is ready to get up in the night "on alert". Hard to get along with creative people — they are easily addicted, and it is not conducive to a strong family. Thus, among the dancers and choreographers of the 43% divorce rate.

5 факторов, увеличивающих риск развода

Creative people frequently change супругам

Factor No. 5

The lack of meetings, love, and the honeymoon after the wedding, also lead to divorce. Scientists explain this by the fact that romantic, happy memories together, add more unites the spouses. Couples who visited the wedding, divorce is less by 41%.

5 факторов, увеличивающих риск развода

Honeymoon strengthens брак


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