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5 reasons to hide your husband

Psychologists wonder, and women make

Reason # 1

It just says, let it look like hell, but there was. In fact, women are very worried, if her companion is bald, fat and ugly. Big problem — growth, good-bye heels. In our society it is accepted that the man was above.

5 причин скрывать своего мужа

Goodbye каблуки

Reason # 2

Beautiful, well-groomed man is also a problem. Not gay if you have it? Somehow, it is believed that for the sake of the beloved woman is not necessary to follow. Caring about appearance is a female trait. If it manifests itself in a man, then he is not manly enough.

5 причин скрывать своего мужа

Too красив

Reason # 3

Household chores that many men perform with pleasure. Why should he not wash, clean, iron and do Laundry?

5 причин скрывать своего мужа

Too домашний

Reason # 4

Work is another issue. It can be a Builder or a driver, and it Director. Wife can't tell anyone that she's so successful, and he is a simple man.

5 причин скрывать своего мужа

Too добрый

Reason # 5

The man who made his own decision, immediately put everyone in its place is the dream of those who cannot enjoy freedom, who wants to decide for them. And your advised, can not do without opinions of his wife and step — shame.


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