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Five questions before the wedding

The couple sometimes miss important details that can affect future family life. Psychologist Olga Romaniv know that it is necessary to discuss before getting married

Very good. if you and your spouse more or less the same ideas about family and everyday life. Therefore, when Dating pay attention to the color of said half about past experiences, talk about their Hobbies. Pay attention to what family you were brought up your partner (fiancee). Model their future family life, people often build in the image and likeness of their parents, so be careful — are you ready for such roles? Another important factor is how quickly the man makes the decisions. If you live together for a year or two and he is not offering you to legitimize the relationship is a reason to think.

One of the most important points in the relations between the future spouses is trust. It allows two people to discuss the main topics concerning their future together. What will certainly need to discuss before marriage?

Пять вопросов перед свадьбой

Olga Romanito: materials of press-services


It is important to talk about how to allocate finances, to define the main expenses and the funds that need to be postponed. Oddly enough, most of the people in the marriage see the character of the partner and what she or he is a spendthrift miser. The most straightforward approach is to discuss the financial side before you start to quarrel over money.


Mortgages, buying a home is a very important topic, as jointly acquired property, as a rule, is the main reason of being in the marriage of two individuals who no longer love each other. It is better to discuss the issues not only purchase property, but the rights to it in critical situations.


It happens that the man at the beginning of the relationship wants to postpone the question of procreation. A woman, upon marriage, usually immediately thinks about procreation. In order to avoid disagreements, offense, pre-broach the subject and get married only when both of you are willing to wait or want to have a baby as soon as possible. It is equally important to talk about who will be with the baby the first time.


Who will do repairs, grocery shopping, clean, wash dishes, care for children, to make them lessons and to pick them up from kindergarten? That's all you need to discuss before you get married. And come to a common denominator, which both could be satisfied. Then relationship problems will be much less.


The people in the marriage is not condemned to spend all their free time together. So better to specify such things as communicating with friends, Hobbies, passions. Your spouse should not feel uncomfortable if she sits alone at home, and you crash somewhere in the nightclub. Therefore agree on the Bank about how your couple will be spending weekends, evenings, holidays — it will save time for further recriminations and complaints.


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